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DJ Hellfire on MPC 2500 & MPC 1000 – Led Zepplin sample Battle beat. Pro Tools 8. HD

This is a beat I made for a battle where 10 producers from the MPC Forums had to sample 1 of 3 Zepplin classics. I chose to use “Black Dog”. This beat is called “Zepoli”. I ended up taking second place in the battle. My good homie Poundaproblem from Groundwurk Ent. rightfully took first place with a monster of a beat. Feel free to check out all the beats from the battle by clicking the link below. And thanks for tuning in! The Battle: soundcloud.com Shot with a Canon Vixia HF20.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T14:05:21+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|23 Comments


  1. joselchino at - Reply

    Really good

  2. hiphopsamplez at - Reply


  3. N0TCOOLZEUS at - Reply

    is that an apogee ad1k in your kit @ 9:30?

  4. wyattbark at - Reply

    to all the independent producers i em a starting artist looking for beats just to use and for my mixtape if your interested in getting your stuff out there im going to use every beat that hits my inbox and i will credit you and everything just send them to wyattbarker16@yahoo.com plz thumbs up????

  5. SUPATRAVthegod at - Reply


  6. djhellfire1 at - Reply

    Simple. Just tune the sample up by +12. Every 12th semitone is an octave.

  7. surphkid11 at - Reply

    what bpms is this? it sounds like the cmetronome is going mad fast. and do u quantize ur drums?

  8. djhellfire1 at - Reply

    Hell yeah man! That’s how I’m able to tune a whole program at one time. Using OS1.

  9. GWprojects at - Reply

    yo, just out of curiousity, are you using jjos on that 2500 or u using stock akai os?

  10. DJOnesNzeroS at - Reply

    Cool track, bringing back rock classics ,,,/

  11. Kobee24FLY at - Reply

    that set up is ill as fuck

  12. Asthiruma at - Reply

    Some afro samurai shit lol.

  13. calikiddable at - Reply

    Wanna Play?….

  14. feedyourspeakers at - Reply

    Much respect! Lots of work but niiiice beat.

  15. leobdope at - Reply

    fuckin cool man…  i subscribed stay up!

  16. arkyve31 at - Reply

    Here I am listening to some led zepplain while i cook breakfast and maybe youtube knows I like vids of mpc work, but still why you poppin in my video suggestions, can a guy just step away from mp for few hours and listen to classic rock lol everywhere i turn someone I know from the forums is randomly showing up on my webpages…..Its like a god damn takeover! lol

  17. WeigandTube at - Reply


  18. djhellfire1 at - Reply

    Thanks my nigg! I’m about due for another beat video myself! Shit is time consuming as fuck though!

  19. PuCCiPuCCe at - Reply

    You are Murderous on the 2500…I got the 5000 now…I will put up some shit ASAP…

  20. slliks67 at - Reply

    @ those who don’t know or even care to know Hip Hop production was based on looped drum breaks from 60’s and 70’s to show case the lyricist and what was being said not once in the life of hip hop was it meant to be composed music so with that being said if certain ass holes don’t like it don’t listen and guess what a lot of chart topping muisc today is also sampled. The drums and hats synths, saw synths and other synthesized sounds so called composers use are guess what samples!

  21. Markinhozmp7 at - Reply



  22. djhellfire1 at - Reply

    We have them every now and then at mpcforums. com!

  23. ewanmerrett at - Reply

    hey man are these types of battles regular if so how do i get involved wicked beat by the way you changed up the sample really well

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