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eLiMenCe-akai Mpc 1000 beat 3

eLiMenCe-akai Mpc 1000 beat 3

www.myspace.com/mpcdrumma email: mpcdrumma@yahoo.com showing you guys the workins of another beat..and of course giving ya some words to the product dont forget to subscribe
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2019-04-12T13:14:07+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|25 Comments


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    BigWalts16 at - Reply


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    harrys1stmate at - Reply

    I like it!

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    proofmc2 at - Reply


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    BrianAnthonyMusic at - Reply

    thankyou man greatly appreciate the love thanks

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    berlinmuzik at - Reply

    i like your style dudeeeeeeeee!
    really really nice, keep it up!

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    theseoldbeats at - Reply

    like the spit, nice track too bro

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    raZtypie at - Reply

    u sounds like lupe fiasco.. great work 🙂

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    DJYNOT2 at - Reply

    Real ish squad…….nice!!!!!!!!

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    noglesby1 at - Reply

    whats good elemence, hey i got son vids up finally no cam yet though just of me playing a beats with pics of the equip i use in the background so feel free to check me out.

    also check my beat tape intro vid in the description there is a link to my latest beat tape. free dowload of course.
    peace ur bro on da beats noglesby1

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    WHYKNOX at - Reply

    i like the shit u spit near the end.. keep it

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    Trackzshootatube at - Reply

    your music is fire

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    treeZon1 at - Reply

    dope.. chek my beats bro

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    bkzmemri at - Reply

    dem horns is fire keep doing u

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    BrianAnthonyMusic at - Reply

    in response to a comment u left on my video a month ago asking about me having an album or songs recorded. I’m actually in the works of recording a small little project. I will keep u updated if u like on when the product is done and where to get it. I have a question would you prefer to pay like a dollar for my music or just get it for free. Its just a poll i am having my ownpersonal little poll. anyway thanks for watching my vids and keep in touch and keep looking out for more videos and music

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    andreleubner at - Reply

    hey, really dope beat and i like ur style to rap, keep going boy!
    is there any “album” i can download or do u have more good recorded tracks?

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    BrianAnthonyMusic at - Reply

    Lol. good looks man..

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    Kayworm at - Reply

    yo boy ripped it!
    haha good shit mane.

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    BrianAnthonyMusic at - Reply

    Lol ha..ur funny..the line is “america For the FIRST TIME meet the new me”.. meaning its the first time u ever saw me and its a new me a new face..Lol thanks for watching man..keep in tune more vids coming soon..

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    GODxSON8 at - Reply

    Meet The New You? ive never heard of u. lol…..jk man…..u got some potential. stay up

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    don1mega at - Reply

    Nice!!!!!!!!!! You got mad potential! Keep doing ya thang!

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    LaoSouljha at - Reply

    At first i thought it was boring. (like ok dude, I dont have that expensive shit like you) But yo, you made me smile man. You can damn sure better then lil jon. LIl jon sound like a winer.

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    Fundamentmusic at - Reply

    this is good. nice job.

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    BrianAnthonyMusic at - Reply

    thanx a lot man.

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    WOWTODAZ at - Reply

    amazing spittin boy!

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    antonioWiseGuys at - Reply

    dope shit man that was a dope free too

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