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eLiMenCe-akai MPC 1000-feel the bang

let me know if you guys want me to spit to it..dont forget to rate and subscribe..let me know if u guys want to hear me on dis beat!!!
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2019-04-12T17:11:04+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|23 Comments


  1. Metamophisis at - Reply

    Dope beat still my friend i had to comeback to this one.

  2. hillprop97 at - Reply

    Bootleg James Brown LOL….Dope stuff man. I like how you sampled all his little ad-libs into the beat. You got the right title for this one bruh. Those drums are crazy. You need to definitely spit on this one.

  3. dre1on3 at - Reply


  4. nolanreilly at - Reply

    Watch my first vid Digital Recording 1-1, it should be quite similar. You also have the option of getting a mouse and monitor setup with the 1824. Hopefully the recorder has the effects cards which gives you four stereo effect, or more for the 1824 possibly, I’m not sure.

  5. BrianAnthonyMusic at - Reply

    my computer crashed so i havent had protools or any software to record. i didnt want to buy a new computer and to be honest i was tired of the PC stuff. so magically a roland vs1824 appear to me (weird story). so im gonna re record the song, but i gotta get the learning curve my roland first.

  6. nolanreilly at - Reply

    I guess I’m a little late………………

  7. nolanreilly at - Reply

    Good, go ahead make the the entire song.

  8. DougJ at - Reply

    I likey

  9. Kayworm at - Reply

    Good shit mane,
    “Bang, Bang Bang Bang!”

  10. shultoncypher at - Reply

    come thru the page

    dope beat man!

  11. bwilsonrecords at - Reply

    nice man – check me out / id like to get on that track…keep uploaded man

  12. BrianAnthonyMusic at - Reply

    thats whats up good luck with ya mpc!

  13. lukelin250 at - Reply

    dude your vids are rad its so cool seeing how much fun you have just banging out beats, im sposed to be getting an mpc1k this fri and ill start learning on it, then one day battle you, haha peace from New Zealand

  14. samplebobsquarepads at - Reply

    the verse was dope bro.. bang bang

  15. BrianAnthonyMusic at - Reply

    thanks alot man appreciate the response

  16. BigJ23g at - Reply

    nice job, that came out good

  17. BrianAnthonyMusic at - Reply

    thanks alot man..lol a cuple ppl told me that it remnd them of the wayns brothers pops sog..lol anyway man dont forget to rate and subscribe

  18. thebasiks23 at - Reply

    dope shit love the bangbangbang

  19. IseeU76 at - Reply

    This is a head banger. Loving the crashes and the sample, let me spit on it, lol, JK.

  20. BrianAnthonyMusic at - Reply

    im not tellin…hes my secret..lol..its like a whole different james brown career..hidden..j/p

  21. fhoplist at - Reply

    yea on some james style

  22. clammyclaude at - Reply

    i like this one man ..nice job

  23. MPCpadBanga at - Reply

    “he like a bootleg james brown” lmfao thats so true who the hell is he anyways?

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