Question by Marki024: Equipment needed to create hip hop beats?
I’ve listened to various musical generes my whole life, but out of all the genres I enjoy hip hop music seems to be the genre I wish to become involved in. I need to know whats the first piece of equipment I should purchase to begin making hip hop beats. I don’t expect to be able to make great beats initially, I’m just unsure of a starting point in this industry.

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Answer by chevyman502
try acid pro and fruity loops,those are good programs that when u buy them u get lifetime can cost $ 20-450 depending how deep u wanna get in.i would also suggest hammerhead 1.0, its free and u can make col beats with it,however u cant convert them to mp3 format.if u want hands on,the akai mpc 1000,2000,2000xl,2500,3000,and 4000 are good. i hope this helps u out,i use fruity loops and i love it,it takes a lil bit to figure it out.if i find anything else il continue to edit my question

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