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FaT TrAk MPC 2500 “Be AroUnD” BeAT ViDEo

FaT TrAk making a beat in his studio The Train Station for December 2011. Positive and Negative comments are accepted. GoD BLeSS
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T14:19:20+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|14 Comments


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    iluvsafa at - Reply

    Been a big fan. Glad to see your still at it, and I agree with the idea of you and boonie doing another vid together. Been aspiring to make hot tracks like you and boonie since 2-3 years ago… your beats are just as sick as his, but it appears that he has the video production down… but man i would like to see you rise up to that level and become even greater. Hopefully we can collaborate someday, that would be amazing, to collaborate with someone I admire musically. Keep putting out that heat

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    Dub3345 at - Reply

    dope, thanks for showing us

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    OleBeats at - Reply

    yo check out my boy on here mic bebe954

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    OleBeats at - Reply

    you and boon doc should do a new vid together. this beat is sick keep up man

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    usairwayz at - Reply

    It sounds like a Twista beat with or without the sample. I can hear him on this.

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    tinktwiceman at - Reply

    that beat was ill fam! the sample was crazy!! haven’t talk to you in a min. glad to see you still making great music. peace!

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    BigMoney891 at - Reply

    the sample is paned way 2 hard 2 the left but the beat is def dope keep up the good wrk!!!!!!

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    DrMalcomProduction at - Reply

    The beat is kinda sad but good work thought. Bring us some sunshine for the next video in this winter period 😉

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    4ARTV at - Reply


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    MelloKidMelodiz at - Reply

    not the best Fattrack beat but still alright

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    dominAyaku at - Reply

    you gotta break this one down harder man… come with it

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    dachucktaylor1 at - Reply

    beat is nice

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    usairwayz at - Reply

    Str8. Why’s the camera sideways fattrak?

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    sjmobileelectronics at - Reply

    nice beat bro

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