FaT TrAk in his studio makin a east coast instrumental.

This isn’t a finished song, just a quick arrange with the MPC’s track mute function. The arrangement sucks a bit but I was to lazy to make a second take ­čśë Audio is recorded with the RME Fireface UC. No post processing on the audio. Gear used in this track: Akai Mpc 2500 SE (stock OS) Moog Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08 PE Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Desktop Roland Juno 106 Korg Microkorg TC Electronic M300 (for reverb and delay) Alesis 3630 compressor/gate (for sidechain compression) Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro Emagic Unitor 8 RME Fireface UC
Video Rating: 4 / 5