Question by : Have You Every Waited On-line For Shoes (Air Yeezy 2)?
im not a big sneaker fiend but i need to make some money and i’ve been thinking about getting
1(2 if their available) Air Yeezy size 10 and 11

i even had a dream i bought them and went ton the bus and i think i got shot cause all i saw was black and red but still i need them so i can get some equipment for my music career(mic,Fl studio/mpc 2500, etc)

some Air Yeezys now are still worth 1,000

but i made a Ebay account today and im hoping someone would be paying me over a thousand for them(if i get it)

i heard people are willing to actually pay 5000 for them
(im thinking about ordering it online instead of waiting but who knows )

Any experience waiting for sneakers or re-saleing it

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Answer by ty p
No, I never waited in line for a pair of shoes. Here are my thoughts. As long as it takes you to wait in line for some hyped up shoes you could be there for 8-16hrs in the cold. I’d rather just work at my job for an extra 8-16hrs, and pay the extra $ 100 from someone that is reselling the shoes. You hear it on the news more and more people are rioting and doing stupid stuff to endanger others just to have a chance to resell. For me its not worth my time to be standing out there in line.

I do understand that there are people out there that don’t have jobs and need to make the extra money. If that’s what you need to do then go for it. Remember there is always a risk, be careful of them other idiots next to you, as they are probably there with the same idea as you to resell and make a buck. Desperate needs comes with desperate measures, people will do almost anything for money.

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