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How to make a simple hip hop beat using AKAI MPC 2500

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Go grab your samplers and get ready for more action packed beat making from Wu-Tang/Sunz of Man producer Supreme! Supreme The Beat Maker. Volume 3 offers aspiring producers the fastest route to immediately start making professional quality Hip-Hop beats and instrumentals using the Akai MPC sampler/sequencer. Known for his comedic and entertaining style, producer Supreme delivers the 3RD. installment in his series of instructional music production DVD’s. As one of the founding members and primary producers responsible for the seminal work of Wu-Tang affiliate Sunz of Man, Supreme played a key role in the group’s identity and sound while contributing memorable tracks such as the single “No Love Without Hate”, “Natural High” and “Israeli News” on their debut release The Last Shall Be First. Being an industry insider for over 20 years, Supreme is able to tap into priceless wisdom gained from his vast experience in music production and knowledge of film direction, cinematography, and editing. Inside you’ll find over 2 hours of exclusive, in-depth footage detailing the exact same techniques used by today’s leading professional Hip-Hop producers. Covered topics include: Sampling, sound editing, drum chopping & looping, program editing, beat composition, sequencing, song creation, and sample manipulation.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    Ghostdog162 at - Reply

    sick mate, that’s proper inspiring stuff. Big respect from Essex UK!

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    jaidingo at - Reply

    Just at the Ghostface Doom and XL gig in Melbourne tonight!

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    LmnLm3M1X at - Reply

    really smooth – about half way through I started nodding off – I mean that as a good thing, it’s 4am and this is so chill, good groove.

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    Itzoficial at - Reply

    yeah bro..: )

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    Itzoficial at - Reply

    you got some heat too bro….thanks for comin thru..peace

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    Itzoficial at - Reply

    thanks yo..

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    TheMtbs at - Reply

    just noise’

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    nncoco at - Reply

    I really love what you did. That rap is sick too. Best MPC demo I found on the tube,

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    willhwig at - Reply

    if you get the mpc2500 you dont need a laptop for recording. you can do everything on the mpc, even burn cds. but you do need samples which yould have to load onto a flash card ect to put on the mpc.

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    27ozone26 at - Reply

    Nothing Really Matters.
    Decent beat bro.

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    No0dlez17 at - Reply

    how much will something like that cost?

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    121bigbob at - Reply

    hey do u have to use a laptop to make beats with the mpc beat makers or can u just use the sterio

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    121bigbob at - Reply

    do you have to use a computer ot a laptob for mpc beatmaker or can you just use a sterio

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    BeevTheMaschine at - Reply

    wooohhhh mad props brethren dope beat!.

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    RETRoSPEKTaOfficial at - Reply

    this is awesome… i love it!!! send me a link to the mix.. i would love to put in in my ipod!!!!

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    RETRoSPEKTaOfficial at - Reply

    how it feels for a girl…

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    scwitabangboo at - Reply

    ARAABMUZIKK nigaaa

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    kissanainen6969 at - Reply

    Big L

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    olibundy at - Reply


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    ThaGoodOlBoomBap at - Reply

    who’s rappin on that dope beat?

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    pr1ceone at - Reply


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    lndialnk at - Reply

    beautiful beat

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    winkii90 at - Reply


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    supreme7g at - Reply

    yes you can .
    all MPC’s can do that.
    you can chain/link all 99 sequences to make a song if you wanted to.
    thats what made the MPC so great.

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    ANT1989 at - Reply

    Do MPCs have song mode on them? So if I make multiple sequences I can link them together and make a full song.

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    hiphopsamplez at - Reply

    !#UN# toh si oediv sihT

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    hiphopsamplez at - Reply

    Dope vid #UN#! Check me out when you get a chance

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    superkits1 at - Reply

    well these dvds work with maschine, the learning part od it?

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    impyramental at - Reply

    ill god hip hop runs through your veins naturally like blood

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    rafiq89 at - Reply

    yo supreme! im getting an mpc! can i know where to get the drum samples? how do i purchase it?

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    bronzeprince at - Reply

    Yo son you can get virtually any sound from the internet as far as swords or anything. Go to amazon for sound effect cds or just google sound effects aight! Peace!

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    spazzattack12345 at - Reply

    watta fuckin dumbass

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    InspectaMorze at - Reply

    supreme, u on facebook?

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    MilesKD1 at - Reply


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    SkRaMsY at - Reply

    Supreme7g just got all 3 of my CDs and ready to load in to my MPC 2500. I need the WU TANG sound sworns clinking Naw Mean.. Get back at you soon

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    PooorMeAnother at - Reply

    You couldn’t have answered that any better. As someone somewhat new to the whole sampling/producer thing I thank you for sharing your knowledge. If more people shared your state of mind maybe hip hop would be in a better place. R.I.P.- The Radio

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    CailenShawMusicc at - Reply

    whats ur sons youtube channel hommie ?

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    theplayerbyear at - Reply

    yo i ordered the volume 1,2,3 beat maker tutorial on saturday and it said it was going out this monday (9-10-10). so its only only been a few days bein that its friiday. im losing patience man! i cant wait til they arrive! how long does it take to get this in the mail. do you know? i live in California if that helps&this looks pretty dope so i might buy it, when i get some money. hit me up man. your a character. a comical & good teacher, a sick produder.whats up with all the youutube haters?

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    sbenix at - Reply

    6:05 is insane that sample is CRAZY… lets hear the finished product man

  40. blank

    su-preme you 1 cool ass nigga keep it up

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    jaygodg at - Reply

    yo whats good fam………yo supreme i be on the mpc 2000xl could u shoot some videos on that so i can get all the little tricks and all that good stuff

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    RipperTheWildchild at - Reply

    CHeck the video respond. I even sampled the la la la sample shit from your video.

  43. blank
    maryjaysmoke at - Reply

    “sampled from my vinyl records..and yo its retarded”… lol

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    themasterbuilder7 at - Reply

    @supreme7g yo im feelin your shit we need that new gravediggaz (r.i.p. poetic) and that new sunz of man get well hell razah

  45. blank
    supreme7g at - Reply

    thats whats up fam..
    show us how it’s done…

  46. blank
    RipperTheWildchild at - Reply

    I need to show these man dem how to make a reggae or dancehall beat. Its not as simple as these hip hop tracks with samples.

  47. blank
    supreme7g at - Reply

    critque other kats beats? i can do that here on the tube..
    i dont think that would work on a dvd…
    in stead of critquing other people beats
    i would rather give tips on beat making to help a producer achieve there goal…

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