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How to sync AKAI MPC with Reason

Alot of people have been asking me how sync the Akai mpc 5000 (in fact any mpc) with Reason 5/Reason 4 so i did a quick tutorial with my phone camera….hope you guys find it informative….
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2019-04-12T13:20:06+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|6 Comments


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    Ckret1000 at - Reply

    beat is nice!

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    Towly263 at - Reply

    to rec with reason only put your audio cables to the rec in.

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    CoyoteBeats at - Reply

    Ive setup the way you are showing. But still i cant record sounds from reason into the mpc?

    Can you help me out?

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    HuggiePacino at - Reply

    question..im great at using Reason 3,4 and 5….currently using 5….i got an Mpc 2500 as a gift….what do i actually need to make beats with both…i wanna get things but nothing unnecessary, thanks in advance! Dope beats too my man

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    Leftspeaker101 at - Reply

    and asigned a sound i can play the pads and hear the sound through the m box but not out of the mpc ive got my mpc running out into another set of speakers and my mbox with head phones? its not recording into the mpc.. ive got type set on midi/ under midii sinc 1in and aout / under mute and midi, midi is on 1a

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    Leftspeaker101 at - Reply

    i didnt understand the last part i did everything up to the last part.. i have an m box and i hooked everything up to my mpc right then went in advanced and assigned everthing then went to the midi advance midi device thing in reason 5 

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