Question by Stephen S: I am about to purchase an MPC 2500 w/ the intentions of producing beats, What other equipment do I need?

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Answer by mtvtoni
As in the situation of samplers, the 2500 is sort of a high end
and requires total synth and drum microphone setup. The range
of microphones gets expensive. The ideal place to go nowadays
is rent a band room at a rock strip rental for a month. By the
month say for 200-300 the equipment on hand can be reviewed
and start by looking for a rental club that is making home cds.
To make a few cds or tapes, get your work lined up and totally
rehearsed say for 100 hours before you even rent. Facts are
out there, your mixing, and sampling so effects are various out
through breaking new sound barriers. Be sensible don’t buy
equipment if you can rent it, due to the constant upgrade and
variety you may need.

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