Question by Corey M: Im a hip hop producer, Im looking for something like an Akai MPC, but computer based, using the keyboard?
I don’t like Fruity Loops…or Reason…just something thats like a Akai MPC, using the keyboard as a trigger finger

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Answer by Randy
The only program that uses the keyboard is Fruityloops. I have used both Fruityloops and Reason…..I strongly suggest you get Reason! I have one of those m-audio midi controllers than resembles an Akai MPC, I suggest you get Reason 3.0 and get a similar midi controller. I used to own an Akai mpc 2500 and an Akai mpc 1000, I recently got rid of them both because I can do everything easily in Reason plus way more!

Reason is not that hard to use, a lot of people are turned off to it at first, but once you learn it, it is extremely easy and fun to produce with!

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