Introducing MPC Studio Join the conversation! http MPC Studio offers the most streamlined MPC experience yet. At under one-inch thin, with low-profile controls and a brushed aluminum body, it’s made to move. MPC Studio merges real MPC pads, iconic workflow, and the same MPC Software used by MPC Renaissance to give you a fully integrated portable production solution. Welcome to production anywhere. The world is now your studio.
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Installation and explanation of the new Akai thick fat pads for Akai MPC 1000 , 500 and all MPK series. This is an exclusive Akai MPC Thick Fat Pad Set shown. These pads are more than 50% thicker than the standard Akai pads and feature a darker color like the original Akai MPC pads. These pads also are extra sensitive and have the CORX already built in for maximum sensitivity. They will fit MPC1000 , MPC500 and all MPK units. They can be found at