Question by J. Fitz: Is it possible to layer sounds from a synthesizer controlled though MIDI?
I have a Korg Micro X and a MPC 2500, I can record the MIDI pattern in the MPC fine and play it back, but if i slide the knob on the microX the program of course changes, is there a way short of recording into the pc of layering the sounds of the korg micro x?

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Answer by Roland M
I think the Micro X is monotimbral, meaning that only one sound can be played at a time. Polytimbral synths can play up to 16 simultaneous sounds – strings, synth, drums, etc, simualtaneously. Workstations are usually polytimbral.

You can record one sound to your PC and then play over it. Or you can get another synth and play both at the same time.

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