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JAZZY PIANO beat on MPC 2500 beat making by KayKay!

Beat starts @ 2:05! www.kaykaybeats.com http www.facebook.com/kaykayonthebeatz www.twitter.com
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2019-04-12T15:28:06+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|24 Comments


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    FreestylerSergy at - Reply

    You’re just awesome! The beat track at 2:05 is really amazing…wanting to listen the whole day to it! 🙂

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    buckwitme1 at - Reply

    tight beat

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    chanpain at - Reply

    marry me !

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    newplanetproductions at - Reply

    Respect from another soon to be boom bap female producer…good work. #inspired. :))

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    TheWillie4305 at - Reply

    You’re very talented.

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    jearbear614122 at - Reply

    It’s vary good : ) I wanted to play drums to a beat so this helped , and watch my videos please

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    jearbear614122 at - Reply

    It was vary good : ) , I wanted some to play along with , like my drums so this was fun and watch my videos please

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    KOJAPAN37 at - Reply


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    dperry913MusicTracks at - Reply

    I will subscribe to all Asian beat girls.

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    bengoro7 at - Reply

    i love you?

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    abquez10 at - Reply

    I need this in my life

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    hujjer at - Reply

    souuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulfull… this is great, keep it up…

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    finobeatz at - Reply


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    yourprovider1 at - Reply

    I love ur vids but that noise is so fucking annoyying is it a fan?

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    J27389 at - Reply

    Will u marry me?

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    casillasangel at - Reply

    Keep doin ur thing dope beat something that sounds gud is what joy brings

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    POTSOJ at - Reply

    i’m gettin a deeper respect for the art of beatmaking,i can feel the soulfulness in your music thankyou.

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    yucatantonio at - Reply

    this is my second video of you ive seen and im still in awe! i was just browising youtube beatmakers and i stumbled upon you. your great and im not just saying that cuz your a girl but because you got soul in your beats. hit me up i would love to love talk to you about music and show u some of my music to hear whatchu think of it. much love from san francisco!

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    jphilseguin at - Reply

    your music combined with your pretty face makes it so sensual

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    87687696 at - Reply

    i’m in love… 🙂 

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    ZyraEditz at - Reply

    you got a better one ?

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    elsleezomac21 at - Reply

    That studio is the Shit

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    djvicar at - Reply

    piano sample sound like Ahmad Jamal – Crossfire.

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    musicboard1512326 at - Reply

    Damn… sick beat

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