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Kero One reviews MASCHINE vs AKAI MPC 2000

*This VIDEO is FOR PRODUCERS* Kero One provides an in depth honest review of Native Instruments MASCHINE sampler sequencer and compares it vs AKAI MPC 2000xl. Follow Kero One: www.twitter.com All songs in this video produced by Kero. Leave a comment, do you think maschine is better than the MPC 2000? About Kero One: Kero is a producer/rapper based in San Francisco, CA producing genre-bending hiphop. Since 2006 Kero has released three solo albums and dozens of 12″ records. Check out Kero’s music at pluglabel.bandcamp.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T12:59:06+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|25 Comments


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    ThaiSin SchallHouse at - Reply

    good review and DOPE beats.!!!

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    xOBS3SS10NX at - Reply

    Haha I apologize to all those grammar nazis such as yourself and yes it is a very helpful tool and fun

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    Allen Wixted at - Reply

    added more downfalls!? 😛 i joke i really want one haha

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    amos antoine at - Reply

    Would you reccomend this or a mpc renaissance

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    thirdpagemusic at - Reply

    damn dude this beat is so raw

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    fkAirdee at - Reply

    Good video man like your style
    and respect to the bobbing hahaha its mad seeing people moved by music

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    nwoisnow at - Reply


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    DeeJay Adverb at - Reply

    Yo Kero have you tried the new MPC?

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    CorMagga at - Reply

    Yo i never comment, but i’m gonna say get Live bro. I went to skool learned on Pro Tool, got out and struggled to make beats in pro tools. When i got live n learned it, a whole new world of sound opened up for me. Worth it if ur real bout making beats. I find Maschine works best in live, easy to route sound, n build tarcks up…

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    AchornisGod at - Reply

    About quantizing, you can select the note you want to quantize, select the note scale (1/8, 1/16) then hit quantize and deselect the notes and just the notes you had selected should have quantized to that note scale

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    JackstandJohnny at - Reply

    As a producer, you should know how to mix a bit better than your vid man. I can hardly hear you over the shitty music. Otherwise, great video and thanks for sharing.

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    RampzProducer at - Reply

    I know I’m late but, did you finish that beat? It’s sick.

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    bron0727 at - Reply

    maschine + ableton = 🙂

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    Aric Ogle at - Reply

    thanks man apprieciate it

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    xOBS3SS10NX at - Reply

    Whoops i meant added more features, sorry!

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    Nathan Hassall at - Reply

    added more downfalls?

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    viruslived at - Reply

    You have to realize a few things about Maschine. You could buy two of them AND an audio interface for the price of one Renaissance from Akai. The Ren was Akai’s resolution for keeping up with the Maschine in the first place. Both units are strapped to a computer, but the steep price tag on the Ren doesn’t do it justice. The Maschine is user friendly, is 64bit, has greater portability, and has amazing sound quality. It’s making Akai rush to the drawing board, and that says something to me.

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    FullFledged2010 at - Reply

    “Flux capacitors and stuff” hahah. Briljant! 7:35

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    TheNavyTurd at - Reply

    you can store stuff on it, but it is stored in the maschine software and not the actual maschine. the only downfall to it for me is that it has to be used with a computer…its just a usb plug in. but really it does everything the mpc does and more, only it requires a computer to plug it in to.

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    vegunited06 at - Reply

    I bet those emulators sound NOTHING like the real deal. fuck mashine, fuck maschine

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    vegunited06 at - Reply

    clearly the maschine is the winner, I mean, if it wasn’t for the legendary history of Maschine for over 20 years you wouldn’t even have these plasticy MPC’s….

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    Born2WinBIg77 at - Reply

    Question: Everytime I use my Maschine MIkro it keeps stalling with a cracking sound. Should I increase my Ram to 16 gigs or Buy a larger hard drive with 7200 rpms? Since Im on a budget I only have one choice, what would you suggest? Please help. By the way: I have a 2011 Macbook Pro with 4 gigs of ram and I only have 40 gigs of space on my hard drive. Any info would be helpful

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    128madar at - Reply

    Don’t forget the akai mpc renaissance is $1000 more expensive. SO YOU do the math.

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    djaka401 at - Reply

    can u store samples in the maschine and use without computer? or is it just a midi controller

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