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Major Grave MPC2500 Grime Instrumentals

My first video of me messing about on my MPC, bits of new stuff here… (Sound is kinda low. il fix this for the next one) soundcloud.com Contact Me On, Twitter; @MajorGrave Email: MajorGrave@gmail.com. SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT & RATE.
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2019-04-12T17:10:46+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|4 Comments


  1. DdotA1 at - Reply

    foward it 25 mins 21 secs n i was feelin dis ukno Brrr

  2. GonIsTaken at - Reply

    Badman beats!

  3. soulcabbage at - Reply

    Biggin up the mentasm!!!

  4. ShapeyFiend at - Reply

    Great work. I enjoyed that.

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