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MPC 2000 Ableton Live MPD Hip Hop Instrumental Beat ‘Taboo – “The Soulstice”

Visit myspace.com/taboobeats OR soundcloud.com/taboobeats for a HQ version. Tags: Akai MPC 2000 Xl Akai MPC mpd 24 mpd 32 mpd 16 mpc1000 mpc 1000 mpc 2500 mpc2500 mpc2000xl mpc2000 xl mpc 2000 xl mpc 2000xlTaboo Hip Hop Australia Japan Instrumental Alchemist Evidence Studio Beat Make Making Pete Rock RZA GZA Flip Sample Boom Bap Old School 9th Wonder Justus League Skyzoo Wale MC Dj Premier Dre Notorious Unreleased Unsigned Hype New Hot CL Havoc Mobb Deep NY Vinyl Jazz Soul Funk Buckwild Tutorial 90s Beats Nefarious MPD M Audio Review Ableton Live 8 Drum Rack Sampler Tutorial Midi Help Banger Fire Unsigned Nefarious Marco Polo Old School Basement Dirty Grimey Real Hip Hop
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T13:08:03+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|15 Comments


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    MrPhrek at - Reply

    thats such a good beat!

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    silenticon at - Reply

    Nice work dude!!

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    RevoltesocialHipHop at - Reply


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    TSTACKSPAPER at - Reply

    this was good. I enjoyed it

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    1JDove at - Reply

    Nicely arranged good sirrr. Worth listening to as well.

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    1JDove at - Reply

    Nicely arranged good sirrr. Worth listening to as well.

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    Klygolajet at - Reply

    kick not have prester ???

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    danksyy at - Reply

    dude, this is dope, mind if i lay a rap to it?

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    seanw250 at - Reply

    Thanks man!

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    justinlecktschimmel at - Reply

    wow hot beat man

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    seanw250 at - Reply

    Haha word up. MPC2k classic with Abletronz. Usually chop and export in Ableton then sequence in the MP. Can vary though. Thanks for tuning in!

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    Jaysmi1027 at - Reply

    dude thats some Yellow hot shit which mpc did you use and did you chop or sequence in the Ableton?

  13. blank
    seanw250 at - Reply

    Yeah man, if an MC wants 3 verses etc, i send it to em 😉

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    KidQualityMusic at - Reply

    son you got some nice instrumentals up but most of them to short to rap on! ever thought on makein them longer ?

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    chillionaires at - Reply


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