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Mpc 2000 vs Maschine

The difference between maschine and the MPC 2000. Also the pros and cons of both. CHECK OUT BEATZ ON: https://soundcloud.com/shellroxx.

2019-04-12T12:28:05+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|24 Comments


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    muclemz at - Reply

    But the most important thing is: you know what’am sayin?

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    An1onebeatsbang2012 at - Reply

    u need another mpc 2000?? i got one that the screen is starting to get those lines ..i dont use it anyway im on the maschine wave with logic

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    An1onebeatsbang2012 at - Reply

    nah it doesnt quantize everything if u highlight the individual midi and press shift + quantize on ur controller

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    NNativeProductionz at - Reply

    you can add a blank scene at the end of beat /song so the last sound dosnt end up in
    the front when you bounce/drag, i usually make the blank scene at least 2 bars

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    soulavenger at - Reply

    Excellent video Shell Rox. I got a 4k but have not switched it on for nearly a year to record, only quick resampling tasks. To be totally frank I feel the MPC is done now for me in the studio. But If I ever play out live I would always stand by my MPC. Hardware dont freeze! But to be fair Maschine never has as yet.

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    soulavenger at - Reply

    Yes it’s infinate. I think you get like 4 fx slots. Max them out then resample it through Maschine then go again. You could do this all day long …….

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    soulavenger at - Reply

    I got you bro. You can actually load up full MPC (.AKP) files etc directly into Mashcine. It’s definatly in your manual toward the back. Load it in then just save it within maschine after you loaded it up.
    Also when you drag your audio files into Logic, one work around I’ve found that works is the audio fade in and fade out option on the laft hand side of the screen in your channel strip. Not ideal but a work around. This is a way of getting rid of that beat that should be at the end of a bar

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    soulavenger at - Reply

    I have both too. Havn’t touched my MPC 4k since. MPC is a classic and will never be touched. But Maschine is the future.

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    stryke55 at - Reply

    Better compared to what?The Renaissance,The 1000,the 2500,the 2000XL?

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    truesubstance at - Reply

    that beat at 2:01 is killing it !

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    Colm Slattery at - Reply

    What about the MPC Renaissance Vs Maschine?

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    traxt0rm at - Reply

    …you know…yea i know!? :/

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    aaron lane at - Reply

    You know what im sayin ? You know what im sayin ? You know what im sayin ? You know what im sayin ? You know what im sayin ? You know what im sayin ? You know what im sayin ? You know what im sayin ?

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    Jamii Lewis at - Reply

    hey how do you guys feel about hardware vs software?

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    fullrandomizer at - Reply

    First couple of beats are great, anyone know where I can get ’em?

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    Joseph Lewis at - Reply

    7:14 a i got a maschine mk2 and it does the same thing when you chop’n up a big file

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    Joseph Lewis at - Reply

    maschine man you get way more for your money

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    ShellRoxx at - Reply

    yo whats your secret for getting sounds from your 2k to maschine

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    1992December8 at - Reply

    thank you man.

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    ShellRoxx at - Reply


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    1992December8 at - Reply

    so if im about to buy one?which one is better?

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    Francois-Julien Duffaud at - Reply

    Thanks man

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    Montrell McGee at - Reply

    When you want to quantize only one instrument you have to go into pad mode first and then quantize second @ShellRoxx

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    Thabyrd9 at - Reply

    i agree akai mpk would be the best keyboard/pad controller for reasons in my opinion and u cant really argue with the price of the mpk with a built in mpd

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