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MPC 2500 Beat Made with Unique Drums & 45’s

Just me making a beat with some unique drum sounds and 45’s Some real out the box thinking and beatmaking!!
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F Major invites viewers to watch as he creates another soulful masterpiece with the MPC 2500.
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2019-04-12T14:38:54+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|50 Comments


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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    Thanks for supporting

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    soloman313x at - Reply

    man that was “how to video” fo sho learned a lot just from 14 minutes Hands of Gold…

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    eatm3dry at - Reply

    true thank u dawg

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    continued…The MPC2500 does a ton of things well and with ease it is more powerful than the MPC2000xl The MPC1000 is more powerful as well. Not to say more powerful is better. It will always be the man not the machine. They are both great but for overall versatility the MPC2500 or MPC1000, It takes a lil more skill to rock the MPC2000xl in my opinion.

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    The MPC2500 comes with 8outs That is extra on the MPC2000XL, MPC2500 can be upgraded to 128mb of ram a lil over 12min sample time the MPC2000xl 32mb of ram a lil over 3min sample time. MPC2500 has effects on the MPC2000xl thats extra. The MPC2500 has autochop and you can assign mute groups to multiple pads off, MPC2000xl chops into 16 zones and only assign 2 pads to mut each other. Both are great a lot of people use the MPC2000xl because they know it inside out and can maximize its use.

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    eatm3dry at - Reply

    true thats why i want a 2500, but is the , 2000xl better? then the 2500? cuz i could just buy a shit load of 1gigs, u kno, can u please tell me the difference between both models, i looked up blogs an shit , but since u had them both u tell me dawg:))

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    MPC2000xl is a classic I use it for it’s limitations and sound, The MPC2500 with the JJos does a whole lot more like direct record which is real cool. The memory upgrade on the MPC2000xl is the way to go but it will not read cards that are over 1gb so keep that in mind.

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    eatm3dry at - Reply

    yea, i been looking around on amazon they have sum with all the upgrades for like 900, but i might get the xl with all the upgrades with the memory card upgrade u kno… cuz its like 200 dollars cheaper , but idk , i might as well get the dvd burner with the 2500 u kno 🙂

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    Well good luck on the free XL but anything is possible and you would have to go to someone who does MPC2500 customization, MPC Stuff.com, Ebay or Craigs list to order a MPC2500 Akai does not make them anymore.

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    eatm3dry at - Reply

    i plan on ordering a 2500, and a keyboard, yeaa i just got laid off 🙂 but all i want is a 2500 :)))))))))) or a free xl 🙂

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    Lol…It is not what you have but how you use it. Think outside the box and you can make a banging beats. Do you work? You can get an MPC1000 or a Beat Thang from AMS or Zzounds and you can get your gear and just make like 3 or 4 payments. You get to pay while you play.

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    eatm3dry at - Reply

    just a 500 🙁


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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    Unfortunately that will not happen…lol I would part with my MPC2500 before my 2000xl it is a one of a kind lil details only a diehard 2000xl user would notice but that is a classic. What do you have right now??

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    eatm3dry at - Reply

    🙂 shit ima order a 2500 soon , hook me up give me ur old 2000xl 🙂

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply


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    eatm3dry at - Reply

    u should record a skate board wheels ride ing then a pop of the kickflip , tht b raw sample

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply


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    MrCumstein at - Reply

    Haha sweet.

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    Thanks I appreciate it.

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    Thanks I like to think I am Wolverine when it comes to slicing…lol. I appreciate the compliment stay up my man…Peace!!

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    Thanks that means Alot.

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    ocik15 at - Reply

    nice chops

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    Thanks my man

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    KWRIGHT189 at - Reply

    Man I love these vids!!!!

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    Metamophisis at - Reply

    Dope video bro!

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    SixthSense67 at - Reply

    Truly talented…

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    tunkey9 at - Reply

    very good keep up jah works

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    ThisIsCanaryKid at - Reply

    this beat is alive!!!!!!! ITS ALIIIIVEEEE!! lol

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    eerereps at - Reply

    Just sick man! Can’t get tired of hearing this!!!

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    theoutsideas at - Reply

    man can i buy that beat

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    bigmack6112 at - Reply

    yo how do u use the sounds in Logic with the MPC, I have mines synced but when I change channels what i have on the previous track changes as well…when i have it synced with my triton i manually change both channels…so how dose that work in Logic…any help would be great……nice work you doing bro…..

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    FamUpPerfect10ENT at - Reply

    Hell yea,nice track!!

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    theoutsideas at - Reply

    how do u get your music out the mpc like where do u mix at??

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    Altruwest at - Reply

    Reason Electromechanical Refill

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    efep11 at - Reply

    I dont know, but i like when producers use some phat ass drums!!!

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    reazon at - Reply

    anybody know where to get an organ like that??

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    kmg0330 at - Reply

    Man this is so faunky lol drums and lead are stupid crazy dope..

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    CoyoteBeats at - Reply

    I have a problem with the PITCH SHIFT function. When i change the pitch of the sample to +1.00 or -1.00 (semi tone), than the sample sounds damaged. When put it to +12.00 or -12.00 (one octave) no problem. So there’s nothing wrong with the sample itself.

    Can you help me out? Thanks

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    scizzerzbeats at - Reply

    hot shit man..check ya boy out on reverbnation scizzerzbeats boy!

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    BossgameMedia at - Reply

    Still my favorite youtube production video!

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    nutone at - Reply


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    critterv100 at - Reply

    HELP ME !!!!!! How do I midi the mpc 2500 and the microkorg together…

    I want the mpc 2500 to record the melodies i make from the microkorg

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    BossgameMedia at - Reply

    Did you ever release this brah? I would love to buy this on CD. This is like my theme music! I love this track! Props…again!

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    Kenny8819 at - Reply

    yo i got a ????

    is it easier to 2 make a beat on just reason 4 or the MPC2500??? like which makes the workflow easier

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    Altruwest at - Reply

    You definitely need a midi interface with so that you can send midi to Reason’s Midi Interface, from Reason you can assign each device to a midi channel on the specified midi interface. I think there are a few videos on youtube that show you step by step how to connect the MPC to Reason. Very dope combination.

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    PuCCiPuCCe at - Reply

    How do you hook up the MPC with Reason? I need a Midi interface right?

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    Altruwest at - Reply

    Hey man, thanks for checking out the video, the sounds in this beat are coming 90% from Reason. I just did the sequencing on the MPC. The bass came from the SE-1 Analog Synthesizer. Thats pretty much it!

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    PuCCiPuCCe at - Reply

    oh man…nevermind, didnt see his racks, thats where he gettin those dope ass sounds from

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    PuCCiPuCCe at - Reply

    I wonder if he had his sounds playing through the MPC or if the sounds were in a DAW…Hard to tell..

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    PuCCiPuCCe at - Reply

    That Novation Remote 49SL is clean as fuck…I got one…

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