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MPC 2500: Midi Messaging using JJ OS

Akai MPC 2500 Tutorial on how to use Midi Messaging (continuous controllers) to control internal and external sounds and devices. Using Q-Link Sliders to control Pan, Volume, SStart, SEnd etc.. More Akai MPC DVD tutorials at www.samplecraze.com. Sign up to our newsletter and receive tons of freebies.

2019-04-12T14:41:14+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|6 Comments


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    Hamalakwath at - Reply

    talk more about if can you use the jjos with a 88key controller and get full piano rang?

    talk about that mr. samplecraze

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    MrDisekt at - Reply

    hey i just bought a motif rack xs and i have it hooked to my mpc 2500.and the sounds are coming out of the pads.now i want to hook up my mpk 49 midi keyboard to control the sounds and sequence them in the mpc.can anybody help a brother out.

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    caffeine150 at - Reply

    6:20 he meant it cuts it sooner, not further.

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    ShynAwkward at - Reply

    What JJ OS operating system are you using here??
    Without that information it’s hard to benefit from this video.

    Peace & Luv………

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    krzone81 at - Reply

    can you direct record ,,with the jjos in the drum field

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    ukblack21 at - Reply

    hi i need u lots help i got a akai mpc 2500 but im trying to sample off my ipod, or laptop etc. so basically i got the rca cables u know the one that goes in a mpc and can plug it in say a ipod, laptop etc through the headphone bit, but the problem is when i hit mode and record its not picking any sound, what am i doing wrong i had an mpc years ago and i thought i did this once i jus bought this one yesterday pls help if its got issue i need to know asap

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