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MPC 2500 Sampling pt. 12

MPC 2500 Sampling pt. 12

This track here is a light hearted track with some heavy knock!
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2019-04-12T13:11:31+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|17 Comments


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    PuCCiPuCCe at - Reply

    LMaO!!!! You know me famo…Ima start posting videos, I have to get some monitors, but yeah this beat made me wanna pull my titties out…LOL

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    you wild! lol! i appreciate the enthusiasm and the support! take care boss!

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    PuCCiPuCCe at - Reply

    Whoa! Ghat DAMN! Im a MPC 2500 owner myself, this beat is Fire bro…real clubby, I see bitches shaking they asses to this in the club…

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    boomtomb at - Reply


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    boomtomb at - Reply


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    Vintaje at - Reply

    well, in today’s climate I can never be too sure so I ask the question if I am intrigued by a response…i am glad to see that you were playing….if not, then I would just have to break it down and make a new video for that too…lol

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    boomtomb at - Reply

    common dawg, u know i was just bullsh*ttin…and u know thisss man!!!!I was just makin fun of the people who ask dumb ass questions. I am an MPC owner/User and I was just foolin with u bruh….LMAO

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    I’m a bit confused…are you playing or serious?

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    boomtomb at - Reply

    how do you make that black thingy play beats and how do you get the drums into it, what does it do and what is it called and i wanna know how to make a beat, do you press the buttons and it play or what?LOL

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    appreciate the support chief! I’ll get at you later on today for some help on your syncing

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    thanks a bunch Civ!

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    u know it boss man! I’ll get at you later.

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    thanks for the support!

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    oOCeeTVOo at - Reply

    hey Can u help me.. ? How can i sync And track out all at oncefrom my Mpc 2000xl With Cubase Sx… ive tried a bunch of times.. but no progress.. Can u teach Step by step. pS the New beat Is crazy, u on to sumthing wit that one… MAd swagg on that joint..

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    CivilIllEnt at - Reply

    nice track!

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    ILLAMINDSTATE at - Reply

    yes boss! how u doing play boi?! enjoyed the vid..i like the beat to …it has a good energy..club vibe..can c ppl dancing to it..
    i’m excited to hear what the “Mr. Ganster” track will sound like.. i know u’ll go in on it. i might b puttin up a vid soon to..i’ll keep u posted..lol
    Nuff Respect

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    toZuProductions at - Reply

    another ill track

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