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MPC 2500 sampling pt. 4

in the studio not really feeling any records today, so i went to the sound module….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T14:11:44+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|50 Comments


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    Vintaje at - Reply

    appreciate ya man. 2012 looks to be a year of more consistency for me in regard to music….and your comments help….take care and God bless

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    MinamotoAkori at - Reply

    The waves of inspiration are as inconsistent as the waves of the music we play. Keep it up man.

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    blc01 at - Reply

    man stop tripping u good every body go through them days but we push through for the love of music, thats how the good get better..

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    appreciate the love boss but i need some serious improvements……a steady work in progress.

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    blc01 at - Reply

    u make way better music than me on my off day my drums and melody usually conflict on an off day lol

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    LOL! Man you a fool! That’s what’s up! Appreciate ya…take care.


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    teeblack06 at - Reply

    dope beat my dude. you kinda look like 9th wonder

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    @stevereaves2000 thanks a bunch boss, lol…appreciate it.

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    thanks boss…take care.

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    BnDDuBsteP at - Reply

    hi thanks
    for this video start realy in 3:54 finish on 5:59 (for me)

    you talk too. ( i’thinks, sorry by that)
    funky song good vibe

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    use the force….lol.

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    Tim7421 at - Reply


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    ColdGripHandle at - Reply

    why you make the video if you don’t feel like doin shit? C’mon man!! But I feel you on that you have to get away and refresh your ears and then come back.

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    for the most part there is no way to pitch shift without changing the tempo on any mpc….however you can use some daw programs to do that for you and then use it on the mpc(if you want to go that route).

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    OldSchool9690 at - Reply

    I have those days man. I’ve had days where I want to sample everything I hear and then days where i dont want to hear music also. Hey by the way with that pad on the 16 levels I want to know if there’s any trick to just pitch shifting it without slowing the tempo. Like for instance if you have a small two note guitar riff, the A1 pad would slow the whole sample about 5 times longer. I’m on the 1000 so you probably have a lot more options than I do.

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    Thanks boss…my apologies on the late reply…album work and family time, lol.

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    KatchTube at - Reply


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    Vintaje at - Reply

    records, hip hop albums, pop, movies…it all depends on what feel you want to capture to tell you the truth.

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    Stanton02 at - Reply

    hey where is a good place to get your samples like drums snares etc etc

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    that’s good to hear; thanks for the comment

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    BeatsNRhyms at - Reply

    dope video check out my music too,peaceeeeee

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    thanks a bunch…take care and check out the other videos…lol

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    Asierhardcore at - Reply

    good beat

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    (in my middle eastern voice) what is theese quantize? LOL……


    thanks boss….you must listen to live music…..

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    thanks man….it’s definitely a good machine….hurry up and get one! lol

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    Unfortunately, i am not good with sharing samples….

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    Abstrakt Muzic at - Reply

    What sample is this ? If you don’t mind sharing the name with me .

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    ChicoloMC at - Reply

    Dude, what up?? Damm too much work I guess you´ve been doing. Sorry you were so busy man. I just got the MPC 5000. After I got it I received your answers. Well , dont worry, I will use it, and try to get all the juice possible from this Machine. It should arrive next Tuesday, also I need to upgrade it to EXM E3 192. we´ll talk about it. take care my man. your friend from Spain

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    I haven’t forgotten about you, i’ve just been super duper busy…

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    thanks boss….i have to check out the page and make sure it operating correctly….take care….God bless!

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    don’t worry about asking questions….whatever i can help with i will do. i connect my turntable by way of 1/4″ red/white (used for headphones and stereo equipment) connectors. you really don’t need the MPC 5000, it’s too much for what you want to do.

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    BANGGOUT456 at - Reply

    @Vintaje hey brother i like what you are doing on here im trying to learn the mpc 2500 as well. im not to savvy on computers but id like to connnect if possible hit me at LB_34TRUSTNONE@YAHOO.COM i got a million questions if you dont mind helping a fella out hit me. Much appreciated brother. my name is L.

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    ChicoloMC at - Reply

    By the way I went into your Myspace but i couldnt listen to your staff, it was strange . Keep up with the good work you do man . Big hug from Spain

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    ChicoloMC at - Reply

    here in Spain the seller is telling me to get MPC 5000, which has a phono in, I dont need that to sample a vynil, right, because I should be able to connect my Turntable to the 2500 in any way, how do you sample from turntable to the MPC??? sorry if that question is so stupid, as I told you on my first comment you published what I really do is writting

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    ChicoloMC at - Reply

    Vintaje, my friend, I answered you I have no website yet where you can hear me rapping, but still want to keep in touch with you so we can make an interesting thing. Your sound my lyrics, working together we can sound I´m telling you. I am getting all the equipmente necessary to make it right. The only thing I need is someone like you who lives music, who feels HIP HOP. I told you about getting a MPC 2500 actually the MPC 2500 SE the one with CD, and DVD burner, but this one is will disappear

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    ChicoloMC at - Reply

    Hey, I have no site yet with my shit. I am on my way, so as soon as I put everything together I´ll let you know. I have to say that I rap in spanish, so I have some lyrics ion English too, but my best is in spanish cuz it is my native language. I wish you good times for this Xmas. Big hug from Spain

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    thanks for checking me out boss….we can keep in touch….do you have a website with you rapping on it so I can see your style?

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    ChicoloMC at - Reply

    Dude, nice shit.

    I would like to know more about MPC and how to make beats. What I really do is RAP, I write lyrics, but I need so bad beats so I am getting a 2500 because I need beats for my lyrics. I would like to know if you have some free beats which I could use. Is there any possibilty we could keep in touch in any way. I am from Spain. I ´ll be waiting for youe answer. Thanks, and again NICE SHIT

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    coates27 at - Reply

    kinda reminds me of 9th wonder man:)

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    thanks elec….my chops just depend on what i feel i want to chop at that time. I haven’t done any chopping in awhile so i am mad rusty. As far as bass goes, i use various ones depending on the mood of the track.

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    electricladyland84 at - Reply

    dope!, do you usually just chop it up by the beat? also, whats a good type of bass to use on tracks like that? I always have trouble with the bass. thanks man

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    thanks a bunch boss! check the other ones out too….take care. peace.

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    UnknownAlias at - Reply

    NIce beat dawg!

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    appreciate ya 11Z! hopefully the rest of my videos get better for you, lol….take care, peace.

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    11ZETA11 at - Reply

    this is a sick beat
    respect man!

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    thanks man! I didn’t know people still checked out this old joint, lol.

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    Pieperson277 at - Reply

    Doope beat bro.

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    smoovehandluke at - Reply

    Nice beat. Rep. the D, cause I’m def goin to rep. the Chi. pick up where J-Dilla left off. Only rules in hip hop, stay fresh and original, and don’t bite, and please no pretty boy swagg. Pretty boy swagg in the jiont will make you a real pretty boy. Peace Nigga. Chi Towns finest : Smoove Hand Luke

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    thanks a bunch!

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    BossgameMedia at - Reply

    I feel ya cat! I had a 2000 XL and a 1000 and I never got into the sample aspects of either. I now have a 2500 and I’m experimenting with sampling now. Nice laid back beat also.

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