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MPC 2500 Sampling pt. 6(roku)

I’m back with some heat for winter months and for those looking to get a tan without the long wait and hazardous lights, LOL!!!!!! Enjoy!

2019-04-12T13:16:01+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|24 Comments


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    Vintaje at - Reply

    @TheOmniscientChannel Well, I appreciate ya boss esp. on the comments; definitely thorough. I haven’t made any tracks in about´╗┐ 5 months but that’s due to being busy with life. However, I do have a few things up my sleeve (lol)….just trying to get better each day. take care and i’ll keep it up for people that enjoy listening. ­čÖé

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    thanks boss!´╗┐ take care and keep making music! peace!

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    MrSpexo at - Reply

    nice´╗┐ one!!

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    JIMMYCONWAY1977 at - Reply

    Sounds like Black´╗┐ Milk

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    Vintaje at - Reply


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    KatchTube at - Reply

    you´╗┐ Crazy!!

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    unfortunately you will have to dig for that; as I am not one to share artist names or songs from whatever I sample…even with my close crate diggin’ buddies…unwritten rule to sampling(at least that is what i was taught,´╗┐ never to ask).

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    bchilldc at - Reply

    where did that´╗┐ sample come from?…the one u played at 1:37

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    thanks man…i’m trying.´╗┐

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    eleclifesndtrk at - Reply

    Straight up Blockhead technique 3 diff songs´╗┐ that flow well together… Nice beat bro.

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    yes sir! appreciate it boss!´╗┐

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    DJPhD at - Reply

    dope detroit vibes´╗┐ man! keep it knockin

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    appreciate it….i don’t have any beats out there for sales or anything, but shoot me a message and´╗┐ we can talk.

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    oh that´╗┐ old beat…lol….maybe…but i appreciate the support…i may have something this week…stay posting!

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    SLDEnt at - Reply

    The beat is dope but how´╗┐ about posting the beat from the intro that sounds sick.

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    thanks´╗┐ chief!

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    toZuProductions at - Reply


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    Vintaje at - Reply

    that’s what’s up!´╗┐

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    CivilIllEnt at - Reply

    I feeling the chops!´╗┐

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    you got the shoutout´╗┐ boss….i had to…lol

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    Vintaje at - Reply

    right….i was thinking that´╗┐ too! LOL!!!

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    ILLAMINDSTATE at - Reply

    ok TCO! i c´╗┐ u Bosss!!!
    i like that beat..the intro was tight to..u aint gonna loop dem 2 bars?..lol! i know u stop that 2 bar loopn’ 12+ months ago..lol now u just b pulln’ out dat battle ax and choppn’ dem joints..keep it up Vintaje!

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    m21mlv at - Reply

    Nice beat, you could just loop that´╗┐ 2 bar loop what you played at 1:37

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    adibogodi at - Reply

    WTF?!?!? You in VA? Where?´╗┐ When?

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