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my sorta review on the mpc ren… let the video speak for itself, comments, good or bad hit me up and give your thoughts.
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2019-04-12T13:07:33+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|25 Comments


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    Johnny Santiago at - Reply

    how is the vintage mode? does emulates the mpc 3000 sound and the mpc60

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    medicn at - Reply

    Akai mpc 4000 is boss over all mpcs and is the last of the good mpcs send it back. Maschine is good but lacks some things but unless your a professional you probably wont miss what the maschine lacks. Also they seem to keep updating it so soon you may have a $2500 version of Machine that will kill everything. Anyway good luck

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    Patrick Zito at - Reply

    Why didn’t you return it? The Maschine by NI took over. Anyone using this is either an akai freak or a dummie

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    Obliss Gibson at - Reply

    You were funny though!!!!!

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    Obliss Gibson at - Reply

    You’re suppose to be on Mac 10.6.8 minimum. The specs were for Mac not on PC. Pc’s suck homie. I build them. Go to Mac, and it will work flawlessly.

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    johnnyblaze152 at - Reply

    exactly why im all hardware mpc 2500 le all day

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    roxmooth at - Reply

    I also have Maschine and have had NO problems with it..I just hate the workflow and Scenes it does everything flawlessly but i got it when it was on version 1.5 and now to 1.8 ..IDK if there were issues prior to this but maybe i should of waited til Akai was a year into solving the issues..I spent 3 months learning maschine..I was on the Ren for 15 minutes and had it working like im used to minus the crashing..

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    roxmooth at - Reply

    Your right..i shouldnt have to spend $1300+ on something that says you buy this and IOU stable software..Were all hoping this works because this bridges the gap of what most MPC guys have wanted to use with software..Ive been through all the MPD shit trying to get that feeling and nothing has been like using an MPC with hardware..Technology has evolved to move us Virtual Unfortunately AKAI knows how bad we want this and sold us the dream but didnt come through on the reality..PLEASE AKAI FIX IT

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    roxmooth at - Reply

    I finally used only stock sounds and plugins..Everything is good for 3 tracks in the sequence…Went to load some more drums on bank B…It reads mpc is not responding..Turn it all off restart the macbook and mpc load it all back..says mpc not plugged in???WTF after about 6 hours i was able to get it all going smooth with only stock sounds..Since ive been an mpc user since the 2000 1st came out its real user friendly…But i couldnt do anything with a crash or freeze..IM NOT HAPPY RIGHT NOW

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    roxmooth at - Reply

    I bought mine last night..Ive spent endless hours reviewing posts videos blogs etc.. I seen 1.3 is supposed to clear up alot of issues..I got it home spend the time to load everything step by step..After getting updated to 1.3 i couldnt even get the mpc to respond with the software.I unplugged the usb turned it off and on reloaded the software and it worked…Went to scan my plugins..CRASH..loaded it back up tried only au scan..CRASH…Tried only VST scan CRASH..Not enough room to explain..

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    wooftacant at - Reply

    I feel for you bro, I just got a MPC 1000, and I love it, but it does do things that are not explained ,even in “Beatmaking on the 1000” Bible. Like I have had trouble saving programs for no reason, so I load them back on computer then to a brand new card and it works. Akai should put out a recall on the Renaissance. Its only fair…

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    paulmay7777 at - Reply

    u got 3 point whateva the shit gigs? Means you dont know right? To be honest, it does sound like your computer might be the problem…Regardless of all that, the video was funny as hell, you really sounded like you were gonna cry at one stage “…when it dont wanna act like a CUNT”…(LONG SIGH)

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    proboss100 at - Reply

    haha you shouls suspect that of new software haha fuck that and ques what he is right
    its they fucking problem is money whas good zo give him something good
    i saw some guy says his com is wack oke your opinion but if his computer does got the requierments is should be fine bring that shit back bro

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    jewtubeishomo at - Reply

    gotta make the switch to the Akai/Ableton Push brah

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    harrymerchant456 at - Reply

    I like the guy swearing.

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    harrymerchant456 at - Reply

    I nearly bought one of these but I just cannot trust Nukai. The owner of Nukai is a renowned btard in the industry who cares nothing about customers. No speculation, straight from the mouth of the inventor of the MPC Roger Linn.

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    Gugleyahoo at - Reply

    Can you detail your pc specs? Also, what is the speed of your HDD? I have an iMac Quad Core i7 with 16g RAM and has run pretty smoothly. I have had about 2 crashes with 1.2, typically stemming form Plug-ins, however.

    I understand your strong feelings about the device and the amount you paid for it; but, if it doesnt fit your needs or expectations, simply return it or sell it.

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    amos antoine at - Reply

    Would you recommend this or maschine?

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    Rayfield Rollins at - Reply

    try the Maschine it will change your life !!

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    TheDjRavix at - Reply

    Thats quite screwed up man
    I think Akai made some big mistakes with this one
    From what I understand the software will not run without the Unit Hooked up to it
    witch also might cause problems (Poor Cable / USB Controller conflicts / To Much USB Devices ect)
    If you want to help akai try to replicate the problem and tell them how to replicate it so they find out why it happens and fix the problems
    They will eventually try to fix it but they need to replicate the problem first

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    cooljoescott at - Reply

    Yo dude, your not the only one having problems with the Ren. I know 2 People who have Mac Pro computers and the shit Crashed. I hope you get it to work right. The sad thing is the Mutha is 32 bit. Machine is 64 bit. Some bull shit.

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    MUSICofTMG at - Reply

    Hi, thanks a lot! I´ll keep this in mind. …thanks!

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    nuttylife29 at - Reply

    this vids was posted last year.. ive gotten the updates

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    nuttylife29 at - Reply

    people been gettin crashes on macbook pros to homie… i was like one of the first people to get one and the software was defected… i guess the point of the vid was sayin that we shouldnt have this problem no matter what we using if we have the right specs.. ya dig?? stay up fam

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    nuttylife29 at - Reply

    nah bro its better but its the software fam.. and the updates seem to make it worst

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