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MPC2500 Workout Tutorial

www.MPCBeatMaker.com – MPC2500 Workout.
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Too Deep on Akai MPC 2000xl II

Too Deep Queens New York plays a beat on the Akai MPC 2000xl. thehippiehoodlum.com dxarecords.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T12:59:22+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|38 Comments


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    hiphopsamplez at - Reply

    !toh si oediv sihT

  2. blank
    hiphopsamplez at - Reply

    Diggin this Vid! Good Work!!

  3. blank
    Eric Menzie at - Reply

    This is quality, nice

  4. blank
    bankaichigo2k8 at - Reply

    All my real smokers get me H.O.C

  5. blank
    Charles Cross at - Reply

    Just got a MPC2500 TOOODAY..

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    JayFiend85 at - Reply

    whats the name of that sample… sickkk

  7. blank
    djneda at - Reply

    were you doing 4bar loops?

  8. blank
    Malcolm Gregory at - Reply

    Respect from a fellow beat maker

  9. blank
    bassbasstwotwo at - Reply

    KRK speakers.

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    DJERKS at - Reply

    nice beat

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    mkdisciple at - Reply

    This is a great video. I learned a lot about the beat making process watching it. Keep it up!

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    Piecesrestonthabed at - Reply

    dude what r those yellow speakers called i need some!

  13. blank
    ukblack21 at - Reply

    not bad mate whats the tempo

  14. blank
    guesswho8908 at - Reply

    not bad keep it up

  15. blank
    LenyoneSM at - Reply

    dope man! respect from serbia ;) check ma beats

  16. blank
    Derek Campbell at - Reply

    nice custom Sp1200 wanna sell it? lol

  17. blank
    ElektronikKash at - Reply

    Nice Beat.

  18. blank
    BlazedSkyline at - Reply

    Dude, I use the same table to hold my MPC. It’s just the perfect size.

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    Aspekkt Aspekkto at - Reply

    whats the sample?

  20. blank
    LawrinMaxwellsmpc500 at - Reply

    Love this man!!! Great sample usage

  21. blank
    soapmakers at - Reply

    Paper Thin Snare!!!

  22. blank
    MrBezimienia at - Reply

    It sounds really nice, man.
    BTW, I saw the title “Two dogs on MPC” ;p

  23. blank
    Camlio Parada at - Reply

    incarcerated scarfaces and dead wrong breaks put together?

  24. blank
    OldSchool9690 at - Reply

    Lovin that wax in the background, If I saw a pair like that I’d cop that ish no doubt!

  25. blank
    ReneGadeAka R.G at - Reply

    yee man i know you on shadow willl in thiis site you beats iz de greatest

  26. blank
    FonziFree at - Reply

    lets collab on a beat tape bro!!!!

  27. blank
    Black Dynamite at - Reply

    That beat was sick!

  28. blank
    DXARECORDS at - Reply

    word up! thanks man!

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    Reachwun at - Reply

    If that happens, then justice will have been carried out. Huge props to you guys and Too Deep for the amazing music you’ve been putting out.

  30. blank
    DXARECORDS at - Reply

    I feel you man. i told too deep hes gotta use this beat. shit is a banger!!! hopefully cuz of this comment itll make the hippier hoodlum part two album ahhah!

  31. blank
    Reachwun at - Reply

    Was this beat eventually used? And if so, where can I find the track? Amazingly ill.

  32. blank
    john luu at - Reply

    ohh.. Word. BTW you got some real talent tho, keep it up. we need more music like this

  33. blank
    john luu at - Reply

    whats the song in the begining?

  34. blank
    DCgreenery at - Reply

    did he just do the whole thing with his eyes closed? lol

  35. blank
    m100p at - Reply

    You don’t even know me. Even if you were being sarcastic.

  36. blank
    m100p at - Reply

    Well, if you gotta respond to my question that I was asking the owner and not you then you shouldn’t be so shallow. Dig it! A and B conversation……you know the rest.

  37. blank
    NotTooShallow at - Reply

    homie if you got to ask, you cant afford it.

  38. blank
    m100p at - Reply

    How much for the SP 12?

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