Question by J. Twist: Music producing machine?
I’m a beginning hip-hop producer looking for a production machine. i looked at mpc’s and other akai models and i decided that the akai brand would probably be the best way to go.
Here’s what I narrowed it down to:

akai MPC2500
akai MPC500
akai XR20

which one would you think is the best? I don’t think i’m going to sample too much but i will do it occasionally.
I’d like to have as many instruments as possible in my production machine. (all drums, synth, etc.)
I’ll use the drums in the production machine too, that’s why i was looking at akai

Best answer:

Answer by goin_all_out2004
None of these machines are what you want. The MPC 2500 and MPC 500 are samplers/sequencers. They don’t come with any on board sounds. You either have to sample your own, or buy disks and load sounds. That’s not really the best way to use it. The MPC’s are also used to sequence multiple synths.

The XR20 is a small drum machine and isn’t going to help you make beats.

If your main focus is having a large amount of sounds, and still have the ability to sample, Get the Roland Phantom or Korg Triton. Roland Phantom has more realistic sounds, with Triton is more “computer” sounds.

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