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MY STUDIO SETUP. MPC 2500,PROTOOLS, DIGI 002 RACK,M-AUDIO My Studio setup has changed since this video. Go to my new channel and check it out www.youtube.com KEYBOARD,KORG TRITON hitcreatormusic.com Just me showin yall my studio setup. Here’s a list of Equipment companies you can check…
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    HardlineFeminist at - Reply

    Dam, I kno I seen a niqqa jelus rite hurr, fo rea dawg.

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    Allinall73 at - Reply

    bootleg fl studio 10 and a bogis PC…

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    newmind2020 at - Reply

    am working with my idj2 and i wannaed 2 know bou da wave forms dat my idj2 accepts
    so I go 2 da internet my cyberspace Pristo ala ka zam!@$#%!! Like!w0W! i went to A parallel reality 2 YOU i res0nant 2 your shared emotion bou socimuzikcology construction and your studio set-up… pure awesomeness experience
    again Thankyou 4 lettin mii Taste your mind

    Hi am sky7… i extend friendship & peace…wed-16th 4 p.m. 2012

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    hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    @Blewis317 your smart . This video is old and now I have a apple iMac 27inch quad core computer running maschine Komplete 8 ultimate and native instruments traktor s4 dj controller

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    blewis317 at - Reply

    This video was put out in 2007… Most of the gear and software is out dated. Only thing still relevant in my opinion is the mpc 2500. But never the less still a very nice set up for then. You can’t even run software out now on a power Mac g5 because it’s a different OS

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    thisisyaren at - Reply

    some people have jobs and have spent years gathering studio gear… fucking idiot

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    KCTrecords at - Reply

    Nice setup needs more space

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    MrFaridirani at - Reply

    i like this set up . ……

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    VenHaut at - Reply

    ive got almost the same shitt main

    check my video about jay-z ….ill bed u enjoy it

    gr venhaut (nick de jonge)

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    Drumm38Major at - Reply

    Talent not include it!!! Lol

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    MrAaron244 at - Reply

    extacly my point!!!!!! u keep up the good work bro!!!!! oh yea… they called me the genius…. im a producer too. they called me the genius cuz im a genius of making soulful hard smooth beats… like pete rock and 9th wonder, j dilla, dj premier and so on and so on. keep doin ur tthing and dnt let everybody put u to ur downfall!!!! hotep…. means peace and blessings

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    circusclown1232 at - Reply

    yo guy mpc 5000 is whats the best.

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    Wadivo at - Reply

    I think he cares about how much he spends on everything. I bet it impresses his mom.

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    ThaRealDJKGeezy at - Reply

    I love the fact that he put them corny ass DJ’s on blast about they mixtapes. They’re called MIXtapes b/c you are supposed to be MIXING the traccs, not talkin jus cuz you wanna hear ya fuccin self talk lol alreaddy!

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    DKAkuYaenko at - Reply

    did your parents gave you the money for this?

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    FAKEmusicPRO at - Reply

    My whole computer is a bull shit hard drive

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    astrotravelin at - Reply

    this nigga starts talkin about movies hahahahah

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    jonnik2421 at - Reply


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    outtacontrol0 at - Reply

    you got some shit dude i’m bout to up grade my setup feel free to check out my page

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    poohbr6903 at - Reply

    all this hate, the dude is most def just informing you what you would spend for a decent studio

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    ggpucky85 at - Reply

    nice please check mine out thank you

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    metalupyourass9 at - Reply


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    dos195 at - Reply

    I look up “home studio” on Youtube and I ALWAYS get some shitty rap guy. This is fucking ridiculous.

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    MakaBeatz at - Reply

    nochmal auf deutsch?!

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