Question by : Need some great effects!?
I run a Korg Triton extreme, a Akai MPC 2500, and it all runs through to protools. (i will also be grabbing a fun synth like a moog soon)

Anyways I wanted to know some good plug ins you guys recommend (both the type and the company who makes it) or perhaps some really great component effect boxes that I could hook up.

Any and all comments are appreciated. Even comments on who you think has the best digital reverbs or such are appreciated.

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Answer by Charlie
I make quite a lot of ambient and experimental stuff, so reverbs and delays are crucial effects. I’ll quite often chain a few together to get some varied and extreme results. Here’s some of my favourite VST’s and plugin’s. They’re all free, so I’ll put links to where you can download them from.

Ambience – Beautiful, roomy reverb effect. Gives lovely space and depth to synth and guitar sounds. One of my favourite plugins, ever.

Atonoise – Quality little generator for spooky, atonal, creepy, weird sounds. Download the demo version. There’s virtually no difference.

DSK Darkness Theory 3 / Ethereal Padz 2 – Two great soft synths which are ideal for producing lush, abstract tones.

Field – A really nice little noise generator for background noise. All of Tweakbench’s instruments and effects are interesting and worth downloading. See the list on the left side of the page.

Mechaverb – An extreme reverb and delay effect. You can apply the effects to different frequencies for intriguing results.

Modern Spacer – A very nice reverb and delay effect.

Outdoor Verb – A really interesting reverb. Great for echos, distortion and mangling sounds.

Protoplasm – Very clever soft synth. Produces some amazing textures.

Ultra Soft Compressor – Gives warm and soft compression to individual channels or whole tracks. Very useful for overall mastering.

Waterverb – Delay and filter unit. Capable of producing extreme but beautiful results.

Can’t fit in any more links but I also really like Antopya, Aerophone, Arcdev Dubb Box, Claw, Crystal, Cygnus SF, Daedalus, Decimate, Dragon II, Fernando, Fragmental, Freqatic, Friction, Horizon, Hyperion, Mini Dizi, Mini Erhu, Mr Ray 73, Multilens, Noisemo, Piggle, Plugsound Free, Rain, Richman 2, Skunk, Sloper, Spaceman, Spook Keys, Strata, String Theory, Sun Ra, Synsect, Talent, Virtual Machine, Watkat and Xompler.

If you Google the name of any of these, plus the term “vst” you should find them all pretty easily. There’s a lot of very creative and interesting plugins throughout that list. You might as well get the lot as they’re all free.

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