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NEW MPC 2500 Sampled beat video. Hip Hop R&B Beat! Beat making video

Hip Hop beat, R&B beat, Sampled beat. Its just a Rough Draft.

2019-04-12T13:52:58+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|16 Comments


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    uppagutt3 at - Reply

    Nice beat keep up the the good work!!

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    ronzrico at - Reply

    I forget the name but Its an Aretha Franklin sample.

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    TBSMOOVE414 at - Reply

    what the name of the song u sampled

  4. blank
    ronzrico at - Reply

    Thanks! This song is not mixed yet. I will let you know when it is mixed. I might put the song up for download. Thanks for viewing!

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    TheStankles at - Reply

    Yo this is real dope man i can get this to put on my mixtape dropping at the end of april?

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    YungE69 at - Reply

    yup . you got any other beats im lookin for a producer

  7. blank
    ronzrico at - Reply

    What’s good! .The song is currently not mixed yet. When I mix it out, I will for sure let you know. Thanks for viewing.

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    YungE69 at - Reply

    aye bro can i get dis for da mixtape ima kill it

  9. blank
    ronzrico at - Reply

    It depends on which kind you want. You can get a MPC 2500 for about $1500 or less now a days.

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    CHRCAR5 at - Reply

    nice set up

  11. blank
    ronzrico at - Reply

    What’s good! I have not mixed and mastered the song yet. But when I do. I will for sure let you know.

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    tplaya415 at - Reply

    Could i get this… it go way too hard

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    xnedluverx at - Reply

    Yo my G u all over it see u in a few days for the get down.

  14. blank
    BLOOKIT at - Reply

    im already knowin fam you been like that since forevea lol

  15. blank
    ronzrico at - Reply

     lol I love sampling from vinyl 🙂

  16. blank
    BLOOKIT at - Reply

    this shit go hard
    you forevea usein them old samples

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