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NOMAD Freestyle With Friends Vol 1 /// Live AKAI MPC 2500

A freestyle at LIU radio station with my people… All Live unplanned shit.. Enjoy.. Live Akai MPC 2500 Production by charles N Charge. {Akai} Akai MPC 2500xl: Akai MPK 49: Summary of differences between MPC2000 and MPC2000XL · How about MPC2000 vs. MPC60/3000? … What type of memory should I use in the MPC2000XL? … www.mpc2000xl.com/ – Cached – Similar Music Production Center – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to MPC2000XL‎: The MPC2000XL is similar to the MPC2000 but with added features; including four pad-bank keys, time stretch along with other new … en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_Production_Center – Cached – Similar Shopping results for mpc2000xl Akai MFC42KIT Mounts MFC42 to MPC2000XL .00 new – samedaymusic Mpc2000xl Sampler/sequencer 9.99 used – Daddy’s Junky Music Akai MFC42KIT Mounts MFC42 to MPC2000XL .95 new – zZounds Video results for mpc2000xl FaT TrAk oN MpC 2000 XL #2 Sample Beat 5 min – Jun 5, 2007 www.youtube.com Pete Rock MPC 2000XL 6 min – Feb 27, 2008 www.youtube.com Akai MPC-2000 / MPC-2000XL | Vintage Synth Explorer The MPC-2000XL adds several new features which include a Next Sequence key, four bank keys, Track Mute key, a hinged LCD, multi-program playback, … www.vintagesynth.com/akai/mpc2000.php – Cached – Similar Akai MPC Owner Manual downloads for MPC 500, MPC 1000, MPC 2500 … Download free Akai MPC owners manual, owner’s manual for MPC 500, MPC 1000, MPC 2500, MPC 2000 XL, MPC 3000, MPC 4000 in PDF formats. www.mpcsounds.com

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    OfficialPromoterwWc at - Reply

    BIG UP!!
    REPRESENT world Wide connects !!

    Check out other Freestyle videos from other affiliates to the Movement!!!

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    siyasjenifar at - Reply

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    KnoxieTy201 at - Reply

    nice ass freestyle! that beat is hott, yall had fun thats whats up

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    01hezekiah at - Reply

    i will take that into consideration when i buy my mpc. thankz

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    joecain83 at - Reply

    4k is hands down the best ..i got two of them…. two nuch…so much fun aswell

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    streetvinylfinesse at - Reply


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    morebucks23 at - Reply


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    krzone81 at - Reply

    the 4000 is better than a 3000

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    01hezekiah at - Reply

    that’s whats fuckin me up…the 3000 has that late 90’s classic feel, and that’s my favorite era…but the 4000 is more crisp like that early year 2000 shit.. .but the 3000 maybe cool cuz i like pure hip hop, like i can tell you do, since you fuck with the 2000xl……thankz for giving me your expert opinion.

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    kimoragirl12 at - Reply


    -Red Shaydez

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    omone00 at - Reply

    But that’s only my opinion.. I like MPC 2000xl Also…

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    omone00 at - Reply

    3000 has a more classic feel and bounce to it…

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    01hezekiah at - Reply


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    sebkhetsabur at - Reply


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    huntedrasta at - Reply

    dope shit nomad!

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    omone00 at - Reply

    I really hope to see this day…. Please come by anytime homie…. you’re welcome here any day at anytime… Peace

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    StillAware at - Reply

    Ha that was dope. I’ll have to stop by when I make it to Brooklyn one day.

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    BeatsNRhyms at - Reply

    thats dopeee !!!!

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    Charles0in0charge at - Reply

    watch out people, more to come

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    MookieSays1Love at - Reply

    that was nice it cut out when the reggae soundin dude came on for me though and refuses to let me see him his first coupe bars were fire though 

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    2sh8 at - Reply

    Very nice man!!!

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