Question by Cap: Non RHH: Where are the regs? ?
RHH: I wanna get an MPC..I’m done with synths for a minute. I’m thinking of either getting an MPC 2000 or an MPC 2500.

Anyone who’s got one or is in the know, Tell me somethin >_>
I gotta get turntables too. I’m hardly gonna find anything worth sampling on CD’s..I need to get away from new school RZA with the Theory and start crate digging >_>.

Lol i know who you are mopstar…You made yourself look fairly stupid in one of my questions about either T.I., Lupe fiasco or Chamillionaire…I think it was “am i the only cat who thinks Lupe fiasco is overrated?”
@ RightAbout…I’m signed up to MPC-Forums or…I hope to cop an E-book about doing it from scratch. I saw one video of a dude who made his MPC sound like a guitar with wah-wah.
@ fireman – You might wanna lose that fireman angle. Or if you’re gonna call yourself one. Try Fireman(No homo).
One of you regs needs to fire up a thought provoking questionnnn.
Mar 2.5. – I play instruments too..But that only goes so far..Writing good scores from scratch is headachy…And i’ve got some good soul tracks/vocal snippets that could work kinda well.

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Answer by bonniethon (orain luaidh)
I’m here honey 🙂

RHH: Ha. Erm…. alright? (yeah, I don’t think I count as someone “in the know” for that one)

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