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Non RHH: Where are the regs? ?

Question by Cap: Non RHH: Where are the regs? ?
RHH: I wanna get an MPC..I’m done with synths for a minute. I’m thinking of either getting an MPC 2000 or an MPC 2500.

Anyone who’s got one or is in the know, Tell me somethin >_>
I gotta get turntables too. I’m hardly gonna find anything worth sampling on CD’s..I need to get away from new school RZA with the Theory and start crate digging >_>.

Lol i know who you are mopstar…You made yourself look fairly stupid in one of my questions about either T.I., Lupe fiasco or Chamillionaire…I think it was “am i the only cat who thinks Lupe fiasco is overrated?”
@ RightAbout…I’m signed up to MPC-Forums or MPC-Samples.com…I hope to cop an E-book about doing it from scratch. I saw one video of a dude who made his MPC sound like a guitar with wah-wah.
@ fireman – You might wanna lose that fireman angle. Or if you’re gonna call yourself one. Try Fireman(No homo).
One of you regs needs to fire up a thought provoking questionnnn.
Mar 2.5. – I play instruments too..But that only goes so far..Writing good scores from scratch is headachy…And i’ve got some good soul tracks/vocal snippets that could work kinda well.

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Answer by bonniethon (orain luaidh)
I’m here honey 🙂

RHH: Ha. Erm…. alright? (yeah, I don’t think I count as someone “in the know” for that one)

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    mopstar213 at - Reply

    i be chillin

    i aint a reg but u may know me

    dont know bout synths, im poor and use audacity and other songs for samples 🙂

    good point when is everyone gettin on this b!tch….im bored as fcuk

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    Right abouT level8 at - Reply

    Idk about ’em but i thought they would be more expensive. i just yahoo’d ’em. I’ve been wanting to get one too, but some other stuff comes up all the time.

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    Justice™ at - Reply

    I’m a reg homie…..Maan I don’t shiiit about that though.

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    ♥Miss Self-Sufficient at - Reply

    Not really a REG but i be here..

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    mar2.5 (you have no idea) at - Reply

    I’m a reg…I dreaded the day I would utter that word…but I am…My guy has an MPC 2000 but he plays several instruments and prefers to create “organic” music as he calls it even though he samples from time to time…

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    Rican Princess at - Reply

    I come back to Y!A every now and then and I do consider myself a “reg”, heck even an original “reg”. Now I can’t say that I can help you with the question you are asking but I would like to comment on what you said, “One of you regs needs to fire up a thought provoking questionnnn”.

    There are plenty of great thought provoking questions that are asked on here. But the problem is that they get filtered out all the time by some random a-s-s questions. The reason I hardly come on here is because of that. Most of the questions lately are very monotony! Questions that don’t have ish about Hip Hop and sometimes it’s cool don’t get me wrong but man it gets to be a little bit too much. I’m not saying your question is one of those I’m just commenting on what you said cause I agree.

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    тυℓα™: gяєєк gσ∂∂єѕѕ: suspended at - Reply


    RHH: Uhh I know nothing about this turntables stuffs o.O

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    Crypt (The 2nd Coming) at - Reply

    I, the best RHH answerer alive, have recently come fully out of retirement to drop knowledge. An OG Reg, this section will be back up strong once I have returned to the old me.

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    *N*obles *A*gainst *S*tannery at - Reply



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