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Practicing for the Teddy Pendergrass Beat Tape (MPC 2500 Boom Bap)

Practicing for the Teddy Pendergrass Beat Tape (MPC 2500 Boom Bap)

I’m away from home, so I grabbed my newly acquired 2500 and decided to give it a test drive. I have a few Teddy Pedergrass Cds to mess with. When I get back …
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2019-04-12T12:42:12+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|23 Comments


  1. Brandon Henry at - Reply

    I need an mpc now

  2. fhoplist at - Reply

    You on it with the hardware. Flavorful beat hill!

  3. stryke55 at - Reply

    No Juke…….No…….lol.

  4. JUKE179r at - Reply

    I’m seriously considering selling my much loved 2000XL and getting either an MPC4000 or 2500 w/ JJOS.

  5. Sinosure at - Reply

    Dope & simple that’s how I like them Hill! Very nice & hard boom nap! I go to my regular schedule this week, no more OT for a while. Now I can get busy on my Teddy P. submission too. Stay up bruh!

  6. RAS P NUT UZNCH at - Reply

    Peace brother,…
    Good stuff….

  7. BoChosen at - Reply

    Heatrocks…  Very dope.

  8. Justin Rojas at - Reply

    That’s dope I love that bro you sampling all day bro do you put CDs on MPC 2500

  9. noglesby1 at - Reply

    dope hill i sent mine in the day it was posted fam bout to cop the jjos 2 for my 1000 when i get taxes back

  10. KEYBEATZ at - Reply

    Out of a the mpcs I really want the 2500. I really wish akai hadn’t stop making them I would have brought two of them by now

  11. clammyclaude at - Reply

    what do you adjust the compressor settings to ?

  12. Luke White at - Reply

    This is dope bro I submitted a beat to it too

  13. djceejaay at - Reply

    I absolutely love my 2500. I picked up a 4000 almost two years ago and haven’t really used it because I’m hooked on my 2500. I have not used the JJ-OS tho and I wanted to know your thoughts on it, I’ve read on diff blogs is that it’s a game changer. Oh, the beat is def on point. Keep doing it! Peace.

  14. lordtoranaga at - Reply

    stop buying beat machines brah!

  15. supertheothers at - Reply

    Hit me up about this beat tape bro I’d like to know more peace

  16. OverlorBeats at - Reply

    Damn Homie Ithink you got me beat now … LOL thought I was the Hardware Junkie!! Nice Vid as always Fam!!!

  17. RVCA91 at - Reply


  18. TislamTheGreat at - Reply

    You have verizon FIOS!

  19. Metamophisis at - Reply

    Nice man

  20. SULLECRAM1127 at - Reply

    Nice workz my dude!

  21. rashomonne at - Reply

    Dope as usual

  22. stephen givens at - Reply


  23. greenpurpz209 at - Reply

    cant go wrong with the 2500. im still on the og os.

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