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Producing a beat on the akai mpc 2500

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Sampling, with a zoom H4, trimming samples up and creating a quick song with the MPC 1000, from start to finish. People have sent me a few messages asking wh…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T12:27:51+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|26 Comments


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    hudo0 at - Reply

    loving the guitar it gives this beat that certain vibe you know sometimes i wonder why repetitive wake flock flame beats are used and spend time in the lime light while this is shunned from doing so aha mad beat but 🙂 which keyboard are you using

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    CHRCAR5 at - Reply

    i love the drums and the work in general great staff

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    starengineboy at - Reply

    Same here. You find out how?

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    Garith Anderson at - Reply

    so unique this is awesome!

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    hiphopsamplez at - Reply

    Yeahhhh budddyyyyyy!!!
    Hip Hop Samplez

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    hiphopsamplez at - Reply

    Wooowww – good one!

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    hiphopsamplez at - Reply

    Wooowww – good one!

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    klikshokk at - Reply

    You are good! I like your approach at using the MPC!

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    UncleWiggler at - Reply

    how doyo manage to make the guitar loop so smoothly? is the editing done on your pc or on the MPC?

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    TheFreshPeddler at - Reply

    cool vid, you got a great deal on that recorder, i think you singlehandedly drove up the ebay prices lol

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    TheFreshPeddler at - Reply

    why do you want to take drum machine sounds? drum machines usually sound like crap imo , but if you must, it really depends on the connectivity of the drum machine. if it can connect to the pc and is in wav format then you can use that or use a cf card if it uses that outdated tech. yes you can also just use the i/o to record into the mpc with either outputs or from the headphone out. with that said, youll get better results just chopping breaks and tuning from there

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    TheFreshPeddler at - Reply

    you should know some people that chop “shitty vinyl” often chop one hit instruments and play parts out on the pads and many are amazing pad drummers. while i cant stand idiots that replace the with da, i wouldnt say someone referring to records as shitty vinyl is any better. watch a kev brown video and see how that dude chops up the shitty vinyl lol

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    hiphopsamplez at - Reply

    Purely Amazing #UN#!

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    hiphopsamplez at - Reply


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    UncleWiggler at - Reply

    art is resistance! great work bro

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    88sbtuner at - Reply

    how can i take drum sounds from a drum machine and place them into the mpc? midi? or do i have to sample them?

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    TheSupremeNigger at - Reply

    this is a great video. subscribed.

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    Skel Traxx at - Reply

    Copy it in grid mode!

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    Skel Traxx at - Reply

    I like your song! If you wanted to make it fade out at the end, how would you have done it?

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    Skel Traxx at - Reply

    Hello! How can you make a beat 2 bars long then play a melody 4 bars long over it without the drum stopping after 2 bars?

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    MrKnaberaps at - Reply

    how do you hook up the guitar to the mpc?

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    naikou4lyfe at - Reply

    LOL GET EM!!!! haha

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    trichome tetrahydron at - Reply

    OP is a /pussy/

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    danloughrinstuff at - Reply

    i too was convinced that the mpc was only a toy for niggers and hoodlums who can’t speak proper english, until i heard this upstanding cracker nasal voice man showing me how to make a grooveless beat by recording xylophone noises and his acoustic guitar strumming.

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    tudemhc at - Reply

    Ahh, gotta love a good dose of “holier than thou” -condescendence when you see it!

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    Jeremias Delupi at - Reply

    03:21 and you use that blender for…….. 😛 awesome video very interesting ideas here!! ^^

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