Question by eric c: be respected more and listened to more?
if i made my own music AND lyrics, do you think people would respect me more as an artist and would take me more seriously and say “hey, he is true to the game and he is putting his own stuff out.” a lot of people just use computer programs, fruity loops etc., to make their music. i make my own music manually using an MPC 500 and MPC 2500. and i think up my own lyrics to my created music. i very very rarely say anything vulgar or curse. maybe like 3-5% has cursing, but that is it.(stuff like hell, damn, sh*t.) im trying to make music that people can feel and enjoy and hoping to eliminate the fake artists and the “same ol routine” songs like mims and 50 produce.

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Answer by ` miiSs-B .
Of course you’ll be more respected if you made your own music & lyrics
They whole fruity loops vs. MPC 500
doesn’t really matter if you’re a skilled rapper
people are gonna be listening to your voice
and when you make it big then you can make your own tracks.

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