Question by : MPC 2500 PC Software? (BEST ANSWER WILL GET 5 STARS)?
Im trying to find a MPC 2500 Program that is for Windows 7 or anything other. The program has to be just like your using the MPC 2500 but without buying it. The program should work the same way a real MPC would in real life. I dont want a program that edits the MPC beats, because I dont own one. I want a software version of the MPC 2500 so I know what im going to buy in the future.

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Thank you, Bill.
Adarsh K- I already have FL Studio 9. Im trying to look something very similar to it. And yes your right maybe something like an emulator.

Anyone else know?

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Answer by Adarsh K
well I have always been a big fan of FL Studio. Has a beat sampler, sequencer, Input and output for instruments. Well really matters which versinon of the studio your getting.
Anyway has a demo too so you can get an idea.

But if your asking for a MPC 2500 Emulator your not going to find a carbon copy. Just something similar.

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