Question by : Where can i find a cheap Akai MPC 2500 at?
I want to find a good one for a cheap price

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Answer by Richard Jackson
Well, eBay and Craigslist are obviously good places to start looking. Make sure you know exactly what you want though, because you may end up with a completely stock machine and think it’s a good deal, when you could have paid 50 dollars more for a machine that has 200 dollars worth of upgrades that you’ll end up needing anyways. A major selling point for me would be to get a machine that has already been upgraded with JJOS version OS2XL, a third-party operating system that costs $ 129. JJOS is far superior to Akai’s OS. It’s a good idea to get JJOS up front, so you don’t have to revisit the learning-curve when you upgrade later on Another modification to look for is an added internal hard-drive, or at least a deal that includes a large-capacity compact flash card for storing your projects.

Also, if money is a concern… you should consider the MPC1000. The 1000 is essentially identical to the 2500 in functionality, and you can pick one up for $ 300 less. The main difference between the two MPCs is physical size… The 1000 is more compact, has smaller pads, less outputs, non flip-up display, and a few less dedicated buttons. But these are all pretty minor issues, and can be easily worked around. One more key point to consider is that JJOS is also available for the 1000.

Personally, I enjoy the bigger pads and physical size of the 2500… but I also have a 1000 that does the same exact thing, and is a lifesaver when I’m traveling, or working outside of the home studio. Just throw it in a backpack and go!

Just know what you’re buying before you get it… or you may get stuck with major regrets and an MPC in need of costly repairs and/or upgrades. I have no problem offering some advice on any specific deals you find, so feel free to contact me with any questions. Also I have a collection of MPCs and could probably sell you one, if you can’t find what you need.


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