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Re: Making a Beat with BOON DOC (Akai MPC 1000)

www.myspace.com Just an example how I work on my MPC1000. Its actually not a tutorial. anyway, I hope you enjoy watching. I was very inspired by Pete Rock, Just Blaze, J Dilla and of course BOON DOC!!! If you like the beat, you can get it for free on: www.myspace.com Keep the soul alive!
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2019-04-12T13:03:27+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|25 Comments


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    LutoneTube at - Reply

    william bell – I forgot to be your lover
    It’s an amazing sample!

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    LutoneTube at - Reply

    Thx. I’m still hard workin. New Beat-Releases comin soon. One Love from Switzerland

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    klikshokk at - Reply

    Great track Mate! Keep it up Bro! 🙂

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    buckwitme1 at - Reply

    yes double -time gets it more on beat

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    XMKOffical at - Reply

    Smooth man- I know this is from 2008 but Myspace 🙂

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    Lacrampee at - Reply


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    DJOlSkoo at - Reply

    Falls jemand interesse hat diese MPC zu kaufen, ausgebaut und mit Garantie …… ebay.at/itm/AKAI-MPC-1000-Blac­­k-Edition-/180967136764?pt=St­u­dioequipment&hash=item2a227b­5d­fc

    If somebody is interessted to buy a used mpc with 2 year from thomann let me know!

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    Kronojax at - Reply

    Great beat, I like it !

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    Towly263 at - Reply

    haha same i thought

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    marvelousmusic23 at - Reply

    from which track was the guitar on the beginning? i dont remind. ty

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    Deezky King at - Reply

    im def savin money to get that

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    offbeatninja123 at - Reply

    Yo everyone my name is Khiry Hines aka “offbeatninja” And I’m just going around looking for that musical wisdom. So if anyone got some can you please drop it on me. Because in a nutshell I just want to spread my music to the world and grow as a musical artist just like any other artist out there. So can anyone please take a listen to my music and give some wisdom, it wil really mean a lot to me. Thanks for taking your time for reading this and God bless
    On3 Lov3,
    Khiry Hines (offbeatninja)

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    Nautiik909 at - Reply

    Was that a 16-bar loop?

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    hotbeatz13 at - Reply

    i found some crazy kits with bangin 808s at stupiddrumkits. com

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    81toinfinity at - Reply

    You should be sampling from vinyl instead of cd’s… did you forget the art of diggin for samples?

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    81toinfinity at - Reply

    You should be sampling from vinyl instead of cd’s… did you forget the art of diggin for samples?

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    LMC6400 at - Reply

    Bounce it to your computer and load it throught usb to mpc

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    TheCronicForce at - Reply

    Live mpc beats… THE CRONIC FORCE..

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    holaemga12 at - Reply

    good job” memory ram of mpc 1000?

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    Cubanito884 at - Reply

    u can sample straight from a cd?

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    KAtotheT at - Reply

    Nice, Dude – I just got my MPC-1000 not long ago – I dont like the way the pads feel – Idk

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    blacksk4 at - Reply

    Thx, it’s great =)

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    JetseDas at - Reply

    William Bell – Forgot to beyour lover

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    blacksk4 at - Reply

    Das Gitarren-Sample von ganz am Anfang und immer wieder zwischen durch… irgendwie kommt mir das bekannt vor. Weiß i-wer, was das ist oder falls es der Ersteller liest, bitte ich um ne Antwort seinerseits…

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    Carl Johnson at - Reply

    have u install the memory expansion for ur mpc to load those samples? cause I have the same one but it’s not enough to load a chopped song in there.

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