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Real Time Pitch Shifting & Time Stretching MPC2500 ,MPC5000 & MPC1000

MPC2500,MPC1000,MPC4000,MPC5000,MPC500 and MPC2000xl Tutorial Dvd out now at http://www.soundsforsamplers.com aka http://www.akaimpc.com *Video Info* Real Ti…
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2019-04-12T12:06:25+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|25 Comments


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    nolanhardman at - Reply

    is there any way of deleting all the sequences and samples that come
    already on the internal memory

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    reamallday at - Reply

    Can u do this on the MPC5000 as well….spreading the sounds to a keyboard?

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    truebuzz at - Reply

    can anybody help me? i´m tryin to sync my mpc 2500 to cubase sx. i have my
    mpc as master. as soon as sync mode is aktiv n i hit rec on my mpc, it
    starts to play but cubase will start recording few millisecs later. how can
    i get rid of that delay. thx 4 help

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    George Lutfey at - Reply

    i like that openin beat. thats HOT. i saw a s5000 on the side. can you do
    some dj videos or scratches you could incorporate to your song.

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    sypha0x at - Reply

    The MPC2000 can do this but you would have to do it manually. the 2500 and
    1000 provides this feature for you but if you wanted to achieve the same
    result from mpc2000xl all you have to do is chop it up in which it’s called
    “zones” and manually lay each zone time corrected at SEQ tempo. This way no
    matter what tempo you use it will be “patch phrased”. The cool thing about
    the 2500 and 1000 is the ability to apply 16 Level Tuning on the patch
    phrase which is dope. Again there is work arounds….

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    ajjosey at - Reply

    Can this be done using an MPC 2000XL?

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    SuperHikerman at - Reply

    try fuckin with the threshhold

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    STATUSthesleepers at - Reply

    that sample is an easy example of time stretch, are there any videos of
    time stretch using a full band or orchestra or some shit?

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    tosbabs at - Reply

    what is the name of that controller keyboard?

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    prospectnyc at - Reply

    This incredibly helpful. Thanks!

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    frikalik at - Reply

    ima rob a bank and buy me a mpc

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    lampie50 at - Reply

    Still don’t get it.I’m using a mpc1000bk. whenever i use a patched phrase
    in combination with the 16 levels tune, i still have different speeds with
    all the different pitches. Please help me out…….

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    Coconut boy at - Reply

    does anybody know how to extend a 24 bar loop into 84 bar loop without
    making a copy of it in the sequence edit mode? cuz that shit is hard to do

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    Kenjihaden at - Reply

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    djspot at - Reply

    Is there a way to pitch shift on any software and not have your sample echo
    and sound like garbage???

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    Ilumnye at - Reply

    I got mines!

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    roboedar at - Reply

    @DaComebakKid didn’t know mike tyson was white.

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    moesnuts at - Reply

    Does *anybody* know if you can do this on the MPC 2000XL??

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    dopemcee at - Reply

    tried it with my drum sample. it didnt work as well as u made it ou.l.

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    teeblack06 at - Reply

    thanks a lot homie i was trying to find this out for min. im new the mpc.

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    Paper Cabin Films at - Reply

    the mpc 2000 cant do this can it?

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    TheInspirit at - Reply

    co to za piosenka z początku ?

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    Q Banga at - Reply


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    Man! Yeah…. I was asking “the big shots” on an mpcforum , and they didnt
    really know what to do. I was trying to use 16 levels without it changing
    the time or length of the sample but still changing pitch… and here we
    go! Nice video… I was wondering what Patch Phrase did…

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    mixology831 at - Reply

    The quantize for akai mpcs is amazing.

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