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rnb beat,open labs neko tse, mpc 2500

rnb beat,open labs neko tse, mpc 2500

im back at it with a new rnb beat from the open labs and mpc 2500 for the 2009.
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TWITTER :: twitter.com Just playin around with a few sounds, nothin special and same pattern throughout…………………………… Dublin, Ireland 2012 djgem000@hotmail.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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    rundatt at - Reply

    I like the set bro! I just got one ? Are you running your 8 outs on your mpc to your mixer or direct into your neko?

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    mrmike304 at - Reply

    Nice work. Great setup too

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    agodverystrong at - Reply

    i want that beat bro! beat is awesome

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    TheSavageMusicGroup at - Reply

    Im new to YouTube just started the other day. I know everyone hates when someone advertises but everyone need a start. Please check out my channel. Iv been making beats for about 3 years. Any feedback wold be great lately appreciated. Also my channel will be an up and coming producers channel as well. If your trying to get heard yourself let me know i will promote your channel to. anything to get some more exposer. Peace

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    Marcosuperstarr at - Reply

    very good job….

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    SASLECHAKALL69 at - Reply

    il est bon ton son MAXIMUM PESPECT

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    JSprayaEntertainment at - Reply

    StudioBlade Make The Neko’s Look Pretty Wack …

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    BMUSIK101 at - Reply

    @ShaneJones89 ,,,,,,,,yea he dont need all that shit………he could just clone the sounds on racks and put it in the meko………and the MPC he dont need that either.

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    musiccomputing at - Reply

    Hey, just wanted to let everyone know I’ve left Open Labs and started a new company called Music Computing. Check out the new gear at Music Computing or click the link below for videos. – Thanks, Victor Wong

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    ersin9mm at - Reply

    this sounds all in neko>>>>>>>?????????????

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    music102able at - Reply

    shits off the hook son

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    vellrob at - Reply

    Ni66a what u drink’n on, Henny disguised in a water bottle. 😉 I like the change in styles with one filter in the MPC, or whatever you did…creative change’n up modulation like that. I feel it, keep doin’ ya thang.

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    LogicKidroy at - Reply

    Al that expensive shit up in yo crib aint you cant get a good camera.

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    nextstar55 at - Reply

    sounds great keep up the good work

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    maxiz111 at - Reply

    nice studio bro!
    do you make a living with music?
    and yea, dope beat btw!

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    Blacklogic203 at - Reply

    u buggin. this shit fire

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    thachosenone32 at - Reply

    it would be greatly appreciated, if you guys would check out my music. I doubt you won’t like the music coming from this 16 year old music producer

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    chrichou at - Reply

    yo if i could have all this shit too even if its not worth it id have it too..fuck haters…and the beat is fucking banging..keep doing it son…

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    melleown at - Reply

    This beat is fire.

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    OfficialDenimBeatz at - Reply

    your rite he blowin money out the ass
    the niko & mpc shud be able to handle all those sounds

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    ComeupCashTv at - Reply


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    Tstokesproduction33 at - Reply

    my boy legon datz on soundclick made a beat dat has the same exact chords…somthings wrong! idk watz goin on wit dat but hey…his beat and this one both sounds great!

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    Trackzshootatube at - Reply

    great music

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    1BlaK99 at - Reply

    sounds like some sega genesis music. ROUND 1 FIGHT!!! damn i wanna play street fighter now.

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    HotBoyRob1105 at - Reply

    Have you talk to the tech support at open labs dawg? I see the got it that you can upgrade to ram card and harddrive to 2 more terabits playboy!!!!!!! When i order me one i want it upgrade on everything! Sorry about your equipment!

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    jimmyoggg at - Reply


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    djflashb at - Reply

    some ppl are just talented like that .. NICE 

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    ObscurelyUnkown at - Reply

    oh.. looked like part of ur shirt. Looked like ur mpc was cutoff on that side. Actually looked like a 2000 haha

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    ObscurelyUnkown at - Reply

    nice man! But wheres ur Q-Links!!??!!?? Custom?

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    MrSpexo at - Reply

    nice dude, you got skills!

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    PLUSVIDZ at - Reply

    Are these the fat pads? Hot shit!!

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    LINEAGETUBE at - Reply


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