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supreme – sunz of man – wu – tang -making a beat- pt.12 – akai MPC 2500

Go grab your samplers and get ready for more action packed beat making from Wu-Tang/Sunz of Man producer Supreme! Supreme The Beat Maker. DVD’S offers aspiring producers the fastest route to immediately start making professional quality Hip-Hop beats and instrumentals using the Akai MPC sampler/sequencer. Known for his comedic and entertaining style, producer Supreme delivers a series of instructional music production DVD’s. As one of the founding members and primary producers responsible for the seminal work of Wu-Tang affiliate Sunz of Man, Supreme played a key role in the group’s identity and sound while contributing memorable tracks such as the single “No Love Without Hate”, “Natural High” and “Israeli News” on their debut release The Last Shall Be First. Being an industry insider for over 20 years, Supreme is able to tap into priceless wisdom gained from his vast experience in music production and knowledge of film direction, cinematography, and editing. Inside you’ll find over 2 hours of exclusive, in-depth footage detailing the exact same techniques used by today’s leading professional Hip-Hop producers. Covered topics include: Sampling, sound editing, drum chopping & looping, program editing, beat composition, sequencing, song creation, and sample manipulation.
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Making a beat on My Mpc 2500, and my Mikrokorg. I added an Acapella With Biggie on top of it!

2019-04-12T15:28:26+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|48 Comments


  1. MrCaribbeanbreeze at - Reply

    You are very good brother. Hard beats. Nuff’ respect!

  2. chowchilla75 at - Reply

    A supreme much respect I been listening to wu tang since I came out the womb i been trying to get started by I got equipment I wanted to know I you could slide me any one of your old MPC’s … Wu tang clan forever !!!

  3. Azazel93Nammah at - Reply

    MUCH RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hotbeatz19 at - Reply

    i found some crazy drum kits with bangin 808s at stupiddrumkits. com

  5. hotbeatz16 at - Reply

    i found some crazy kits with bangin 808s at stupiddrumkits. com

  6. vellrob at - Reply

    Maaan, weerd up! You just helped me so much dawgie, quicker than anybody and any manual. I’m up here think’n I needed a usb interface, its crazy. And aye, if you know Frank Ellis, Fourth Disciples dad, holla back! That’s my mans.

  7. ILLGREEN1 at - Reply

    Dope looking MPC bro!!!

  8. dbxmusic at - Reply

    thanxxx I just got a new mpc 2500 …I needed this ..a good laugh and great tips ..thanks!!

  9. GCash76 at - Reply

    u the man preme any king willing to share knowledge is official in my book cause knowledge is power and evil people are the ones that aren’t willing to share the overstanding of something, just to keep people blind to the fact so that they’ll have a hard time reaching their full potential to have control over them. so big up to u your crew n the whole wu keep banging them beats. peace.

  10. xXInfiniteyXx at - Reply

    how big are mpc pads like a mpd18 compared to a mpc 1000 and 2500? thanks i appreciate your answer

  11. supreme7g at - Reply

    cs2 aka 2.0

  12. xXInfiniteyXx at - Reply

    what adobe audition is that

  13. 209coconutty at - Reply

    8″- 1/4″

  14. 209coconutty at - Reply

    8″- 1/4″

  15. 209coconutty at - Reply

    8″- 1/4″

  16. 209coconutty at - Reply

    8″- 1/4″

  17. Therealcitizenz at - Reply

    does anybody know wht tht cable is called ?

  18. dougywu420 at - Reply

    i could get lifted to this beat alllllll day , if i had that much to smoke

  19. dougywu420 at - Reply


  20. dougywu420 at - Reply


  21. dougywu420 at - Reply

    well i appreciate all this shit you got on here. i been fuckin around with loops and shit for fun for 10 years just for fun but ur shit got me about to buy an old MPC just for fun. u got some flyers or cards you can mail me for your CO??ill hand em out n try to sell your drums and shit….

  22. LUCKYSIR18 at - Reply

    Whats good Supreme? Aye yo does the cable come with the MPC?

  23. supreme7g at - Reply

    thats what happens when you work of 5 – 10 projects at the same time.. lol..
    some projects are done so some clean up is done..

  24. dougywu420 at - Reply

    preme i ill trade you the windows destop cleaner wizard for this beat…u off the hook

  25. RainbowBunniez at - Reply

    Hey yo Supreme. How do I load samples into my MPC 2500. Thanks.

  26. YoungKassle at - Reply

    this is hard af!

  27. hanfbrot at - Reply

    damn .. this beat is heavy! nice skills on the micro! will get the 2500se soon 🙂

  28. okan991512 at - Reply

    helal adamım

  29. hotbeatz18 at - Reply

    i found some crazy drum kits with bangin 808s at stupiddrumkits. com

  30. buckwitme1 at - Reply

    do u have ur tracks on the mpc set on device, u have to set ur tracks on the mpc to device so u can record midi notes

  31. MahoutProductionsTV at - Reply

    What’s good brotha I have a question for ya??? I got a production setup and I’m having a issue with recording melodies into my mpc from my mo6. Any advice on how to fix the issue

  32. krzone81 at - Reply

    sweeet vid … i gotta question for you . how do you get to the next midi channel on the microkorg .. or are you recording it as an audio track in this vid ??ive laid down a bassline . now i want to lay down a synth .. please help

  33. Capecodone at - Reply

    I love the “Master Ace, Sittin On Crome” crunch bass. Good stuff!

  34. Capecodone at - Reply

    technically, MIDI is all numbered based. The “commands” you speak of are a sequence of numbers from one machine to another/computer.

  35. vGRewindz at - Reply

    @TurkmanSouljah this shit was fucking BEAST!!!!

  36. chuyreal at - Reply

    hmm via midi, i have a mpc1000, and im expert on midi giberish, i dnt know how to call it. but im preatty preatty preatty sure midi refers just to commands you can give to 1 machine using other machine, nothing to do with functions. if it cant do it midi wont make it do it. but can it?

  37. Mirakle306 at - Reply

    you can do that via midi and it’s probably the function why mpc’s are so loved! they’re also sequencers as well!

  38. kamalrex1 at - Reply

    grand turk  🙂

  39. chuyreal at - Reply

    how were u able to loop the microkorg into the mpc? is it possible? i have an old mpc 1000, and had no idea it had a function like that. but it would be aswome. or did u used an aditional software for the looping part?

  40. hoellenwalze at - Reply

    its funny but my head starts to move back and forth when I listen to that shit 😉 !!!! nice work man!!!

  41. JohneySoQlose at - Reply

    ahhhhhhh crank that kick and snare!!!!!!

  42. returninginsurgent at - Reply


  43. djwonderFOOL at - Reply

    where can i find the download to this remix?

  44. djwonderFOOL at - Reply

    yeah i have the same question! do you recorded the first synth and played the second or do you save midi notes, whats the setting?

  45. returninginsurgent at - Reply

    how do you midi the microkorg? what are the settings?? come on…help a brotha out.. dope beat btw.

  46. oxrinet at - Reply

    Best hip-hop!

  47. suncubun at - Reply


  48. smoovehandluke at - Reply

    halla lu ya somebody fresh, keep up the art, just stay you. peace smoove hands.

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