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Go grab your samplers and get ready for more action packed beat making from Wu-Tang/Sunz of Man producer Supreme! Supreme The Beat Maker. Volume 1 offers aspiring producers the fastest route to immediately start making professional quality Hip-Hop beats and instrumentals using the Akai MPC sampler/sequencer. Known for his comedic and entertaining style, producer Supreme delivers the first installment in his long awaited series of instructional music production DVD’s. As one of the founding members and primary producers responsible for the seminal work of Wu-Tang affiliate Sunz of Man, Supreme played a key role in the group’s identity and sound while contributing memorable tracks such as the single “No Love Without Hate”, “Natural High” and “Israeli News” on their debut release The Last Shall Be First. Being an industry insider for over 20 years, Supreme is able to tap into priceless wisdom gained from his vast experience in music production and knowledge of film direction, cinematography, and editing. Inside you’ll find over 2 hours of exclusive, in-depth footage detailing the exact same techniques used by today’s leading professional Hip-Hop producers. Covered topics include: Sampling, sound editing, drum chopping & looping, program editing, beat composition, sequencing, song creation, and sample manipulation
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Install video of an Akai MPC 2500 CDM 25 CD / DVD Drive being installed. Installation video is from MPCstuff.com , where you can purchase the CDM 25 for your MPC 2500

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    Towly263 at - Reply

    keep it simple. dope stuff

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    toomuchtobmac at - Reply

    You’re is about the closest I’ve seen on here to my style. I dig it. Love these kind of beats. Keep doin it.

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    supreme7g at - Reply

    akai 1.23

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    Exo nia at - Reply

    Hello have you jjos? or akai os?

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    b3at2 at - Reply

    its not a lost art… getting real tired people complaining because they have grown out of touch with what the new kids do… every generation complains of the same shit.. wake up .

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    b3at2 at - Reply

    shirt backwards and everything i luv this dude right here LMAO.

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    b3at2 at - Reply

    he a old head but..he has the energy of a young 19 year old…….. im subscribing.

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    nooncam at - Reply

    i subbed cos I feel everyone should have the amount of enthusiasm you do.
    Thanks for sharing

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    localbasterd at - Reply

    I love when people have fun making music. That’s what brought me to all kinds of music as a kid. The shit was fun and fucking BADASS! A lost art. LOVE IT!

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    SYLEX100 at - Reply

    wats up SUPREME…mad respect gomie..u got some sick beats man..im def cop ur dvd’s..its all bout the sample thats for sure.. and im def down with the Wu..Sonz of man.. Wu Wu Wu Wu…..

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    DjRicHNoaH at - Reply

    hey preme wats poppn son keep banging them pads gr8 fuking work were can i go 2 purchase ur dvds ? i need em asap and by the way dont see the link to the prg . ill b waiting preme u already my brother god bless keep banging n the sudent be comes betta than the masterrrrrr lol like ur style boom bap!!

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    FortyBottlez at - Reply

    there’s no way in hell they could prove shit dude

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    attackpolice at - Reply

    Ima give it a ten

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    BaNgaZReaLmTV at - Reply

    You got me into beat making again……the Su-Preme MPA is crack and I can’t put it down…….shouts to all mobile music producers and beatmakers…….Keep Bangin!!!!!

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    commentheory at - Reply

    Dam a brotha sweetn his ass off

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    commentheory at - Reply

    Good stuff Nice setup check out my contest entry yall for redhooknoodles

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    malpwoppwodukchunn at - Reply

    ça c’est du bon

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    LifestarOmri at - Reply

    I owe Su Preme for the beats

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    jpribbleNY1 at - Reply

    AMEN TO THAT! Im gonna do my thing regardless!!! Haters are slow!!! Thanks Preme’ !

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    supreme7g at - Reply

    No prob fam…
    haters are slow…..
    they going no where.
    instead of hating they should get out the house .
    get some fresh air look up at the sky and see gods great creation..
    i can look at ants for hours and be amazed.
    then go home and make a beat for the ants.
    im less then a grain of sand in gods eye and the great thing about that is that i know it.
    peace to all.
    enjoy your gift !!!!!

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    jpribbleNY1 at - Reply

    All the beats I make are basically influenced by the Wu Tang,and you!!! I have been a fan since I was a lil kid! I am 24 now, and I have been producing since I was 15…. When I replied to your comment, I was referring to that jizzinaye1 guy…..I dont think your a clown, I personally think your the best producer the world of hip hop has ever seen and has to offer!!! That “”simple level shit””, has been used for alot of great hip hop classics!!! So that jizzinaye1 has no clue what hes saying!!!!

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    jpribbleNY1 at - Reply


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    jpribbleNY1 at - Reply


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    supreme7g at - Reply

    i want the software thats it…

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    TheReggiereg1 at - Reply

    Yo, are you purchasing the new Akai gear when it comes out or you keeping what you have? 1

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    CW2SCOGG at - Reply

    can you install the Teac DW in the MPC 5000 too?

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    MrKnaberaps at - Reply

    what kind of file will the mpc make when burning???

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    seventhsun1982 at - Reply

    wow the lighting on this is awful.

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    krzone81 at - Reply


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    tavonteh1 at - Reply

    can u use a computer cd rom
    n put it in the mpc

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    ShynAwkward at - Reply

    You don’t have to purchase this expensive “CDM 25” drive.
    You can use a Teac DW-224E drive, which only cost $25 or £15 from ebay.
    This has been tested & is proven to work with the Akai 2500.
    Save yourself over $100!!
    Go to the official Akai MPC Forums for any additional details.

    Peace & Luv!

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    krzone81 at - Reply

    yes you can burn your music /beats to a cd with this cd/dvd drive …. its really easy plus u can sample from cds with this cd/dvd drive … 1

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    Mccritical80 at - Reply

    man ive been tryna figure tht out for the longest i have yet to figure tht out

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    1ellieo at - Reply

    can you burn music to CD ?

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    chubbycheeks007 at - Reply

    80 Billion!

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    sdsteez at - Reply


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    sdsteez at - Reply

    its only like 5 screws youre dealing with, you know what they meant if you got a 2500

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    mootbooxle at - Reply

    As far as how much stuff you can have *loaded* at once, it depends on whether or not you have the 128MB RAM expansion. I recommend getting it…without it, there’s not a whole lot you can do with just 16MB internal RAM, besides just drum samples.

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