FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Boom Bappz Launches Su-Preme MPA 1.0 Android OS. Music Production Application. Su-Preme MPA is a sample-based music production app. THE OFFICIAL ANDROID OS. HIP-HOP APP! The FULL version – includes a new pack of free samples from Su-Preme, unlimited samples per project, exporting to WAV and many other nice things! MPA was co-designed by A. Supreme Wilder, one of the Wu-Tang Clan/Sunz of Man producers who is now a well-known music production mentor. The app closely imitates a legendary device used by urban music producers. It has the following features: – 12 low-latency pads for drum/one-shot sounds – A piano keyboard (the number of keys depends on your screen size) – A basic sample editor that allows you to cut your MP3s and WAVs – Ability to record tracks with 1/8, 1/16 or 1/32 quantization and swing – True analog UI and classic design This is a full version, not limited in any way in its functionality. Enjoy! —TRY MPA LITE FIRST BEFORE YOU BUY MPA 1.0— Recommended devices – Dual-core Snapdragon , Tegera 2 dual-core. MPA will run on most Single-core 1.0 Ghz/Gingerbread and up. To get better performance with single-core devices kill background app & auto sync. MPA 1.0 is much more powerful than MPA lite version but if the MPA Lite works in your device then MPA 1.0 should MPA 1.0 was puposely delayed in anticipation of DUAL CORE DEVICES coming to the market. MPA is a powerful app and will become more powerful demanding a powerful devices. www