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GET – Supreme The Beat Maker DVD’s @ www.syklopz.com Go grab your samplers and get ready for more action packed beat making from Wu-Tang/Sunz of Man producer Supreme! Supreme The Beat Maker DVD’s offers aspiring producers the fastest route to immediately start making professional quality Hip-Hop beats and instrumentals using the Akai MPC sampler/sequencer. Known for his comedic and entertaining style, producer Supreme delivers the first installment in his long awaited series of instructional music production DVD’s. As one of the founding members and primary producers responsible for the seminal work of Wu-Tang affiliate Sunz of Man, Supreme played a key role in the group’s identity and sound while contributing memorable tracks such as the single “No Love Without Hate”, “Natural High” and “Israeli News” on their debut release The Last Shall Be First. Being an industry insider for over 20 years, Supreme is able to tap into priceless wisdom gained from his vast experience in music production and knowledge of film direction, cinematography, and editing. Inside you’ll find over 2 hours of exclusive, in-depth footage detailing the exact same techniques used by today’s leading professional Hip-Hop producers. Covered topics include: Sampling, sound editing, drum chopping & looping, program editing, beat composition, sequencing, song creation, and sample manipulation
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. DjJayOfficial at - Reply

    that was pretty shit

  2. jpribbleNY1 at - Reply


  3. supreme7g at - Reply


  4. Benjamin ViudezRyan at - Reply


  5. dilutinginertia at - Reply

    sick beat

  6. jpribbleNY1 at - Reply


  7. jpribbleNY1 at - Reply

    or go sample your own!!!

  8. supreme7g at - Reply

    supreme 100% vinyl drums 20 bucks.
    goto syklopzdotcom

  9. Benjamin ViudezRyan at - Reply

    where do u get those awesome kiks hihats…:)please answer where can i get some:D

  10. Gonzodagod at - Reply

    Welcome back lord, Peace, we need that 777 flava, U feel me?!

  11. supreme7g at - Reply

    i have to beat cd’s .
    board funk and mpc & me

  12. FasterBlade36 at - Reply

    Yo preme whats good please,make all the,beats,u make,on youtube on cds please,instrumentals,

  13. WackBeats at - Reply


  14. Tim7421 at - Reply

    Ah okay I see you sell also tutorials 🙂 I think I gonna buy one!

  15. Tim7421 at - Reply

    Hey supreme 🙂 can you explain what you mean with you fix that sample track? I dont know what are you doing and how you do it? I think I dont know this option in my MPC… Maybe you can explain me what you are doing after 2:28 Please! If an other youtube user read this and know the answere please help me!

  16. KEYBEATZ at - Reply

    Pure skills!

  17. supreme7g at - Reply

    cool !
    check out Boon Doc on the mpc 1000.
    search for him right here on the tub…

  18. jruhkiz at - Reply

    alright thanks i think i’m going to go with the mpc 1000

  19. jackmylantern at - Reply

    i love the red mp dogg. shit is dope! and as always, the beats are bangin

  20. supreme7g at - Reply

    if you want to go standalone get the mpc 1000.
    if you want hardware and software combo get MPC Renaissance or MPC Studio

  21. jruhkiz at - Reply

    Yo supreme I have a question what is the best MPC to start out with? I appreciate it if you could help me out I’m looking to buy one.

  22. WiseGuyDesigns at - Reply

    thats whats up

  23. pasoaka at - Reply

    dope like always supreme , i really like those raw drums !! respect from mexico terror city ..

  24. supreme7g at - Reply

    yes i have …
    its how you use what you got.
    a real MPC is heavy.
    if buster tryed to jack me for my MPC!
    Damn MPC to the head will put buster to bed.
    you cant do that with Maschine its to lite.
    Peace fam!!!!!

  25. supreme7g at - Reply

    canon D5 and sony vegus.

  26. Kempforlife at - Reply

    Yo TK wt I do is add the sample/s-song 2 the logic n cut em half of the song if is one song but I cut the parts that I like n then merge em n export as audio.wav then 2 the mpc by usb then load em work a beat after am done, send back 2 logic as recorded from the mpc 2 the logic as mono mix a beat add bass bounce done..thats how I do but mayb theres better ways I guess so keep checkin around.. Thanx 4 swinging by..One

  27. infamito at - Reply

    Its ok! peeeace! keep doin ya thing! 😉

  28. Kempforlife at - Reply

    To many people on YouTube trying to hate on anyone and everything. And you happened to be the exact opposite sorry about that 🙂

  29. infamito at - Reply

    Didnt say that . I think the same as u! I just mentioned that rza got that too! chill m8 😉

  30. Kempforlife at - Reply

    so if someone used the sample that means no one else can use it? Might as well stop making music then cause everything has been done before.
    And consider this, maybe someone used the sample before rza!?
    Nice try tho.

  31. infamito at - Reply

    Meiko Kaji – Jeans Blues already sampled by rza on Afro Samurai Resurrection Soundtrack – Bloody Samurai

  32. bddavey1 at - Reply

    full level baby those pads aint gonna last u long brother.turn on full level

  33. tury55 at - Reply

    true that hillprop, not only r the beats sick but its tight to see when the producer is having fun making their music, not all serious n shit, dope ass vid homie

  34. sinduda at - Reply

    07.35 that beat is nice

  35. noglesby1 at - Reply

    dope beats bro just subbed also. feel free to check my vids out as well bro feel free to comment rate and subscribe as well.

  36. Kempforlife at - Reply

    Thanx 4 the support hillprop97.. Lets em dis it, they r jus motivate us..Mo2Come..1

  37. hillprop97 at - Reply

    Man I don’t know who is disliking this, but that first beat is hot. I can see some major dudes on that one. Good stuff.

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