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Supreme the Beat Maker. Volume 4 offers aspiring producers the fastest route to Immediately start making professional quality Hip-Hop beats and instrumentals using the Akai MPC sampler/sequencer. Known for his comedic and entertaining style, producer Supreme delivers the Forth installment in his series of instructional music Production DVD’s. As one of the founding members and primary producers responsible for the seminal work of Wu-Tang affiliate Sunz of Man, Supreme played a key role in the groups Identity and sound while contributing memorable tracks such as the single “No Love without Hate”, “Natural High” and “Israeli News” on their debut release The Last Shall Be First. Being an industry insider for over 20 years, Supreme is able to tap into priceless wisdom gained from his vast experience in music production and knowledge of film direction, cinematography, and editing. Inside you’ll find 2 hours of exclusive, in-depth footage detailing the exact same techniques used by today’s leading professional Hip-Hop producers. Covered topics include: Sampling, sound editing, chopping, looping, program editing, beat composition, sequencing, song mode, chop shop, automation, sample manipulation and mixing. Enter The Su. MPC & ME Instrumental MP3 & CD Album. OUT NOW! – Produced By: A. Su-Preme Wilder – Git Rite Muzic 2011. From the Wu- tang affiliated producer and founding member/ producer of Wu- tang records ” Sunz of man ” Supreme presents his forthcoming album Enter the Su
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  1. jackmylantern at - Reply

    ur voice kinda sound like dirt mcgirt

  2. jackmylantern at - Reply

    that sample was on a rob zombie song

  3. StarprinceTV at - Reply


  4. TheWatchman144K at - Reply

    Thats a great idea for Supreme, but he could take it further still, I have friends on YT running Academys a 3 month course for $150.. not in music and on Ustream, where they email you a code to type in to join the lessons and great thing is that you pay in installments of $50 per month, plus they send you additional info via email.. these guys have a brilliant product (Knowledge).. yeah and classes are run 1 a week, normally a few hours long upto 5 sometimes.. Supreme could kill this

  5. Tim7421 at - Reply

    Thank you very much !

  6. TheCharliebeats at - Reply

    im wit you man

  7. supreme7g at - Reply

    your pc will see the mpc as a disk drive .
    you can transfer wav. file between your pc and mpc.
    if you want to use software like protools you need to use the audio outs
    on your mpc to the sound card on your pc.

    you can buy my samples from syklopz dot com
    its a download no shipping.

  8. Tim7421 at - Reply

    Thanks Sen-master Su-Preme 🙂
    I just got another question.. Which programm do you use when you connected the MPC on you computer? And can I buy your Samples on Itunes ore.. I dont know.. becaus the shipping to Germany is about 10$ maybe I can save the 10$?

  9. supreme7g at - Reply

    just connect the usb from your mpc to your pc.
    the mpc shows up as a drive on your pc.

  10. Tim7421 at - Reply

    Can anyone help me I cant connect my mpc to my computer 🙁 please help

  11. Broadpast at - Reply

    Hopefully !!!

  12. supreme7g at - Reply

    sorry about that fam!
    been working on my app
    supreme mpa…
    dont worry im coming back hard on the mpc
    with a new dvd and some new youtube vids

  13. DigitalDevilXL at - Reply

    Damn preme what happened you went ghost !!! Lol MIA

  14. SwellBo1985 at - Reply

    what about skype?

  15. 514head at - Reply

    Peace! Yo Preme Track 2 & 5 Are Mad Ill Son! Word up! Holla at me ..

  16. CPJ81783 at - Reply

    Supreme, this is sensei (ha), I just want to take the time to say thank you for all your videos, I’m trying to learn as much as I can from the real hip hop producers as well as the old school hip hop producers, you really helping take my skills to the next level. I’m studying producers such as DJ Premier, Pete Rock, RZA, Dr.Dre, Havoc, Alchemist and of course yourself. Whenever you have the time, can you make a quick tutorial on working with samples that had drums in them. Thanks and peace!

  17. clos2012 at - Reply

    This is amazing!!! what Su-preme is showing in his videos and DVD’s…is crazy…. please support this man he is Hip Hop and is doing a great deal by showing you tips, trick and secrets on the MPC that can help you make good music . I just got a DVD ( vol.3) and it was very informative on making your own drums, MIDI, chopping, programing etc. and overall how to have fun with it. Peace

  18. robbeats100 at - Reply

    yo im new at this beat maken thing and every one says im gettn better every song I produce yo whats better than ableton live 8


    thanks im sayin tho what are they used for though cause i bought it on ebay couple years ago and it came with the scsi and zip drive and a cd rom?

  20. supreme7g at - Reply

    scsi and zip drives.
    goto mpcstuff and covert that zip drive on you 2000xl
    to this :2000 XL Multi Card Reader Flash Drive Kit 2 – MCD Hot swappable


    2000XL and just copped da mpd-24 bout a year ago but neva messed wit it yet

  22. Eperdemicc at - Reply

    Live stream classes on class dates, like on skype since its free or istream etc..You’ll be able to go GLOBAL. Kats will definitely sign up over the world. Then the local people can go to a class room and that can be live so you get all the NYC people and the rest at the same time. You’ll be the first and it will have a major impact!!!

  23. meankilla1 at - Reply

    Yo just copped me a copy of Enter The Su just waiting on the download link.But on the real man your beats are legit real HIP-HOP. I cannot wait to blaze some Wu-Tang and Jedi Mind acapella on your beats nuff respect man.

  24. supreme7g at - Reply

    im thinking about it…
    just got to figure out how to do it over the net…
    do you have any ideas.

  25. Eperdemicc at - Reply

    Yo Supreme whats goodie, You always keep it Illy on them beats. I just copped the MPC 5000 yesterday because my MPC 2000xl had finally died lol, so I gave it to my younger Bro. You should make a class seminar and charge on all the knowledge you can teach these kats!

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