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The Xypher : Session 01

The Xypher will be an ongoing online video series of cypher sessions hosted by The.XS Collective, featuring live beats and rhymes by our very own beatmakers and rhymesayers as well as occasional guest emcees, DJs and producers to appear in future webisodes. To kick start the series, we have Ralph the Architek providing live beats via his Akai MPC 2500 for the first batch of emcees from our camp to recite their verses on. The rhymesayers featured in Session 01 are: Azrael, Ilohshix, Mean, Yennadoushiii, Young & introducing Sheeq Luna. Download the instrumental and join our 16Bars Xypher YouTube Rap Contest @ xs1.sg to win production softwares from Sony: www.mediafire.com For more info on The.XS Collective visit: www.xs1.sg Add us on FB facebook.com Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com And don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel too for more videos!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T12:58:06+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|23 Comments


  1. PrototypicTwin at - Reply

    Nice :)

  2. Harraz Aqil at - Reply

    Mean got some nice rhythm there, better then those two beefoo him

  3. draco raj at - Reply


  4. Elijah Braggs at - Reply

    This is dope… i might have to come out of retirement for this one. Dope yall!

    -Da Wize Deciple

  5. xs1tv at - Reply

    The instrumental is now available for download! Join “The Xypher: 16Bars YouTube Rap Contest” to WIN Sony Creative Softwares worth more than US $1300! See details in video description. Have fun!

  6. navire creux at - Reply

    is irfan a jedi or something?

  7. MOONLIGHT7126 at - Reply

    SO SICK!

  8. Danial Afiq. at - Reply

    Invite local emcees such as Akeem, Zul Mystroe, Richard Jansen or ShiGGa Shay! Y’all killin it!

  9. firdaus125 at - Reply

    i want to join this!

  10. jetsodawhack at - Reply

    sheeq slayed it!

  11. junkie newman at - Reply

    like a boss.

  12. NadStarrTV at - Reply

    I want me a wife that can rap too. Sheeq Luna would you marry me? cuz ur rhymes dope!!! 😀

  13. amirul shah at - Reply

    Cumshot when sheeq luna was about to start

  14. saphssk at - Reply


  15. TheKingacespades at - Reply

    Awesome….im a 14 year old rapper in SG too…

  16. Keith Wong at - Reply

    aww man. get an instrumental soon.

  17. xs1tv at - Reply

    The beat featured in this cypher was never arranged as an instrumental. It was some random chopped up sample and drum sounds The Architek triggered on his MPC for us to rhyme to. But if he ever turns it into full instrumental we’ll update ya!

  18. Keith Wong at - Reply

    can i get access to the instrumental?

  19. JuxtMeFied at - Reply

    You’ve got taste my friend

  20. stereomanic at - Reply

    the first guy sounds the best

  21. Dee Kosh at - Reply

    Thoroughly Impressed

    -dee kosh

  22. xs1tv at - Reply

    yes we will feature guest emcees, DJs and producers in future ones!

  23. Rezza275 at - Reply

    Coolll…nice rap flow with beat!! Done a Good Job!! Tahniah!!

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