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Touch – Introducing the APC 40

The APC40 (Ableton Performance Controller) is a dedicated controller for Ableton Live, designed by the same engineering team responsible for Akai’s iconic MPC range of products. This is a dream come true for the Ableton Live community and an exciting first step into the world of Ableton Live for new users.
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2019-04-12T15:29:12+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|24 Comments


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    1root at - Reply


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    Mekbeasy at - Reply

    Ableton has a monstrous learning curve. Look into videos on youtube. Making awesome music will happen over time. It could take years, or even, the remainder of your life. Music comes naturally, and Ableton can help you make amazing music with only a mouse, if you have good paitence.

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    littlemimus at - Reply

    i would get a midi keyboard first

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    vootech at - Reply

    get to the Choppa

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    romano952 at - Reply

    BUY IT

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    UkemanSmurf at - Reply

    You would be better off with the launchpad

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    Liamdonoghueownsyou at - Reply

    i wana poo on ur head

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    a7x3186 at - Reply

    cant you replace fl studio, pro tools etc with ableton? or is it just for live performance? you can produce and compose entire songs with ableton as well right?

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    LamarThaDirtyWizard at - Reply

    id say pick one up because it really shows you how ableton is supposed to be used…i was using it like fl studio for a while

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    AndreDeSatterlee at - Reply

    you guys should check out my new apc40 video i got it yesterday and i made this beat and performed it today!
    thumbs up if you watched it and liked it!:)

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    TehNumfiV at - Reply

    ‘im going to go to the masterbater over here’

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    ArtsClan182 at - Reply

    From what i’ve heard, APC40 for your first controller then get a novation launchpad after.

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    polidosk8 at - Reply

    buy a midi controller such as an akai mpk25, something like that or whatever is your preference. Buy an APC40 when you want to perform your music. It would be best if you would start learning ableton to make sure that you really want to make music and truly like it. I say this is as the APC40 and whole production business can be quite expensive and it’s always best to go out for a test drive than buying everything immediately. good luck!

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    LamarThaDirtyWizard at - Reply

    0:49 and the best feature: you can play snake

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    einarknutsen at - Reply

    Think ill just buy a Launchpad, then probably buy some effect stuff

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    AwesomeFilming at - Reply

    Well, this is probably way too late, but as long as you keep practising, you can learn anything

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    theiangolden at - Reply

    buy my blue apc40 off ebay for 175 – search: blue APC40 Limited Edition

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    UsAgainstOurselves at - Reply

    This guys name is Sven.

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    TheDopeyGamer at - Reply

    Pretty easy to learn so no it is not a “out of this world” learning curve.

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    metabog at - Reply

    It’s Alpha, but it actually works really well. I bought a Launchpad today and have been using it with FL all day checking it out, and it works excellently.

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    BoneShackles at - Reply

    still in Alpha though

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    metabog at - Reply

    FL has a new performance mode now, which lets you do the same stuff.

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    BoneShackles at - Reply

    I make my music with Fl Studio, but the mash it up, mix it, perform, etc with Ableton Live.

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    phillabong101 at - Reply

    the pac 40 doesn’t make music or help you…its just for performing it…and i didn’t know anything about ableton and i bought the apc40(came with ableton lite) for 300$

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