For those of us who don’t have the time to spend farming gold, it can be hard to keep our gear enchanted and consumables available, making it difficult to participate in the fun parts of endgame WoW like Arena and Raiding. But there is a solution; buying gold online. But where to start? With hundreds of sites out there, it can be hard to figure out the best ones. But worry no more; this guide is here to tell you the key things to look for in a gold site, with examples of a few good places to buy WoW gold safe and cheap.

First thing to consider is the safe part. This is true of any online purchase, especially electronic goods like gold and game items. So how do you determine a site’s trustworthiness? Well, the safest thing is to stick with sites others have already determined to be safe, i.e. big sites like IGE, SwagVault, or WoWMine. That said, there is an alternative method; look at sites advertised on popular gaming sites.

These big gaming sites won’t take the risk of advertising untrustworthy sites!

Another important thing to consider is availability for your server or servers. Some sites are otherwise great but have recurring problems with their actual supplies. This is more a problem for smaller sites, as the big sites have so many suppliers for each server that one or two problems won’t make them run dry. A particularly good site for this is IGE, a site that virtually never experiences shortages.

Another thing to consider is your privacy. Most people don’t want to broadcast their purchases, as there can be consequences both social and GM based. The solution is to stick with sites that take care of customer privacy. Good sites to buy WoW gold safe and cheap won’t use the same characters they use for other purposes such as advertising, and will use tricks to mask your purchase.

A great site for this is SwagVault, as they do a magnificent job masking purchases with little tricks.

Of course the last thing to look at is price. Most good places to buy WoW gold safe and cheap have similar pricing, with small variants based on server. This generally means that to get a better deal than normal you’ll need to wait for a special deal or sale. If no sales are going, or you don’t feel like hunting around, IGE will usually be cheaper by a small amount than their competitors.

I hope this guide has helped you some. If you want to know how the top sites compare to one another–including those mentioned in this guide!–you can check out my comparison review of the most popular gold sellers by clicking here.