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What music producer method should I take??

Question by crunchy12489: What music producer method should I take??
Should I work with software or hardware? I currently have FL Studio 7, Reason 3.0, and Pro M-Tools.

I am in decision of buying an MPC-2500 with monitors, a mixer ( http://www.samedaymusic.com/product–BEHXENYX1002FX ) , and a turntable.

But I like FL Studio 7, and I also have a MIDI keyboard controller. I want to be able to sample from records to make beats.

Should I buy the MPC-2500 with all the other hardware, or should I just buy the MPD-24 USB ( http://www.samedaymusic.com/product–AKAMPD24 ) since I’m into software?

If i do buy the MPD, that means I cant sample records easily like the MPC way…. Hard decision!!!!!

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Answer by jajadajade
get all the equipment you need….

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