Question by : When Using Midi between two samplers/sequencers and my keyboard synthesizers what can I actually do?
I’ve got an Akai MPC 2500, a Korg electribe ESX-1, a microKORG synthesizer and a casio VZ-1 synthesizer. What can I actually use the midi functions between all of the machines to do? Can I sync all of the machines together so that they play at the same tempo? Can I midi dump samples and settings? Thanks!

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Answer by Black Tomorrow
Connecting your synths and sequencers with MIDI allows you to do lots of great things. You can sync their tempo together. You can control ANY of them with any other one. For instance, if you want a sequence built on the Electribe to use sounds from the VZ-1 (or microKORG or Akai) MIDI will enable this. Or if you have a great patch on your microKORG that you want to play, but don’t have enough keys to play the part, you can use the Casio’s 61 keys to get more note range from your microKORG. Or you can even connect any of these to a computer with a MIDI to USB adapter, and the possibilities are endless. I don’t use MIDI very often, so my answers are a bit limited, but to find out more, check out the forum on There’s lots of folks there with more knowledge of MIDI than me, and they can teach you a lot.

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