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Will Shine MPC 2500 beat freestyle [DiamondStyle.com]

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2019-04-12T15:26:44+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|25 Comments


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    Kluriga1an at - Reply

    ´╗┐ Hook a usb midinterface. 2 ins for Midi out/in > USB. Altho the mpc only works as a slave then, so the only thing you can do is like hit pads on the mpc instead of mouseclicking in the FPC or w/e.. But it’s all boring and there is waay cheaper hardware if thats what your looking for tho..

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    digitalmidgets at - Reply

    Nicely executed ­čÖé
    It’s a shame so many people tap out the same shit.. it’s good shit don’t get my wrong. I’ve heard´╗┐ it a million times though.. where’s the originality & experimentation gone? I guess it’s very hard to be original when every things been done but just a little something out of the norm could make it totally unique.
    I’ve given this a thumbs up though:) peace

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    jake267 at - Reply

    cant wait for´╗┐ my mpc 2500 le to come

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    stokezbeats at - Reply

    @stokezbeats do you have mbox are protools´╗┐ so all i need is the mpc 2500

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    geoff5001 at - Reply

    sounds a little´╗┐ like stoupe the enemy of mankind

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    VitaColaSchwarz92 at - Reply

    wow best´╗┐ session i ever heard on akai mpc

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    ImDino at - Reply

    I recently bought´╗┐ my mpc, whats better with JJ?

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    arkyve31 at - Reply

    The Mpc can be used with reason but not via the usb on the mpc. The usb is only used as a mass storage device so you can load and transfer files to and from the mpc and computer. If you have a midi cable and a midi jack on your soundcard´╗┐ you can trigger Reason via the mpc

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    patrickontour at - Reply

    hey,nice work.check my´╗┐ first freestyle on the new mpc 5000 and other analogue euqipment,perhaps you like it.go on!

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    patrickontour at - Reply

    nice´╗┐ sound,go on.i also do have an mpc now,i use it together with other analogue euqipment.check out my channel and videos!

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    CopperTonyMusic at - Reply

    To all the producers!
    REAL BRASS Samples on my page.
    Check my main´╗┐ video
    -Copper Tony

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    suhrtz at - Reply

    hail´╗┐ satan

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    dfactoryentertainmen at - Reply

    Gotta Love the Boom´╗┐ Bap ish… rawness…

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    bartjuhh12 at - Reply


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    BillyBlazed420 at - Reply

    i know you commented a very long time ago but i think your thinking of the APC 20 or 40, they can control ableton and a couple other programs´╗┐ via usb connection.

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    alien102471 at - Reply

    this is´╗┐ crazy! I like it soooo much

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    BareBeatz at - Reply

    that was too ill´╗┐

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    mlg4everman at - Reply

    this is just too good…´╗┐ i have to say something because if not then i would feel bad on not recognizing this cool beat

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    CHRCAR5 at - Reply

    you need midi´╗┐ cables

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    nissdog1 at - Reply

    tight!!!!…that is´╗┐ nice!

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    dafuckingbigtimes at - Reply

    can´╗┐ I get this beat ?

    answer please

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    CoyoteBeats at - Reply

    I have a problem with the PITCH SHIFT function. When i change the pitch of the sample to +1.00 or -1.00 (semi tone), than the sample sounds damaged. When put it to +12.00 or -12.00 (one octave) no problem. So there’s nothing wrong with the sample itself.

    Can you help me´╗┐ out? Thanks

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    3wking at - Reply


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    notoriousbeat at - Reply

    verry good beat men !!!
    go watch´╗┐ my beat from france

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    qkcena at - Reply

    Fucking excelent, what a perfect beat man! post´╗┐ more pls!

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